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January 27, 2018


gloria kratz

Beautiful colorful cards.

Sandy S.

I have a friend who wants to make cards without investing in stamps and dies, and I’ve got to remember to tell her about these!

Maaike Uijthoven

Great set of cards again and so beautifully colored I now need a donut ;-)

Rubeena Ianigro

these are amazing!!

Annie Nigro

Another set of beautiful cards. I always love your work! Thanks for the inspiration!


Oh, like how you showed all of these with your amazing coloring, they would not of been on my list otherwise!

Jackie S

Love these watercolor papers. Makes card making so much easier.


Another amazing job, thank you! I think my favorite finished colored is #12, just so striking & beautiful. But the little mouse is too cute too!

Eve N

I've never really given any thought to using watercolor cards, but what a great idea! So easy to take along and color, wherever you are.

Sara Wright

Wow! You make those cards look so good with your coloring! I am in awe of your talent!

Robin Phillips

Truly beautiful!

mary ann

i love your new release!

Debbie Rumpza

Another set of adorable cards!

vicki dutcher

WOW! Amazing eye candy!

Evelyn B

Love the tip about the gray marker to make the flowers pop. So much fun to sit down and create a bunch at once. Enjoyed them!

Andrea Hastilow

I honestly thought I had made my mind up on my top 5 images from your love collection, but now seeing how you've painted them I can't decide on the top 1 let alone 5. These are stunning and I'm just going to have to buy them all instead of pick 5 and share pack with friends.

Daniela May

somebody loves coloring - great cards - such beautiful colors - love


Thank you for sharing these panels. I have similar ones that I never get inspired to use. You've re-energized me.

Paula Desmarais

I absolutely love your cards!!! So unique and different. I also LOVE the new LOVE collection!

KariLynn L

Wow! Your new card set is so adorable. But all of your coloured images are absolutely stunning! They all need to be put in frames and displayed. I love your unique style.


Love these, such a great idea for on the go coloring

Lori Uren

I love these especially the little mouse!

Tracey Magner

I LOVE them all, fav's if I HAD to pick are 2,3,5,9,11 You know I am buying these of course, I was hoping you would have the whole release listed because I am also getting the stamp set with the bread and I thought you would get the comm from it, but I guess you don't do that like the other designers do.I really appreciate the tip's you add after the cards, they are awesome and so helpful, speaking of, YOU ARE AWESOME !!!! Thanks so much for your inspiration, love your prints!!!


I always like your cards. We have a color-me-calm gathering at our local library and I like to take your cards.

Heather Yergens

Thank you so much for your inspiration

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