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July 23, 2016


Wendy Goundrey

Oh my goodness, Suzy, I must have been living under a rock this summer to have missed what you are going through. Our son developed diabetes when he was seven, so I have been in your shoes. The first year is the worst, for sure and then you adapt to all the procedures and changes that have to be made and things get easier. It sure is a learning experience. The main thing is acceptance on the child's part and fortunately our son did this from day one. By the way, he is now 42 years old and is married and has a 12 year old daughter.
Sending you strength and love,


Its never easy dealing with diabetes but it's so important to take care of you and your family, always. We will be here when you are ready to are back. Lots of prayers. xx

Carol L

Your choice is exactly the right one! Getting things worked out for your daughter is #1! I hope that things go well for her at school this year. Looks like you will be busy enough with your guest blogs - and I will look forward to seeing them. Continued prayers for your daughter and family as you manage this new challenge in your lives! Good to hear from you!

Bonnie Sharp

Right on girlie! You need this time for sure.....

Jennifer Hovermale

Take care of your daughter first, then yourself, and then when you're ready- we'll be here. Learning about insulin dependent diabetes is a huge thing!! I don't know how old your daughter is or how cooperative that she is being, but just trying to get my teenage daughter to take her antidepressant medication everyday is a full-time job. So I can't even imagine how difficult it must be for you. I think of you both often!!! Best wishes as school will begin soon!!!

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