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May 20, 2016


Kate Dykstra

This set was my favourite of the My Favorite release too - only my stamps are still unopened!! If only there were more hours in the day...

I always love your One Stamp, Five Ways posts and am especially delighted with this one. Your stamped frame card caught my eye right away (and in a very good way!!) so no more second guessing!! I also love the storybook card. Now I'm thinking I need those dies too!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity. Next week, I plan to rip open my Beautiful Ride stamps no matter what!!

donna mikasa

Love them all, Suzy, but the one with the yellow background is my fave! So awesome!


Oooh, I got excited when I saw you had posted another one of your amazing 5 Ways posts!! I knew I'd be in for a real treat and I was! What a fun stamp set. I remember seeing the last one, before and thought it looked great. You've had it join a spectacular line up of cards! I think all the ones when the bikes look amazing. I giggle whenever you say you try to do a no-line, then you line it. You keep trying to go against your grain, in those attempts, I'm thinking! :) Do what your heart wants! You are a doodler extraordinaire! Anyway, while the cards with the bikes look fabulous, I really, really kike the one with the random stamping! It looks spectacular! That yellow really helps make it pop, too. I can't imagine the time it takes to watercolor each image in, but I am so glad you take the time. As always, I adore these posts and thank you for sharing! Big hugs. Hope you are having a good trip and that the plane quit shaking!

Carol L

Another set of awesome, fun cards! Your backgrounds are always amazing! Your 4th card...how do you get the stamps so evenly placed!! Glad you stamped that one in black and didn't have to hand-outline - HA! I think that is my favorite, but the ones with the bikes are so fun too. Whatever you do, it always looks awesome. All the little doodling you do with your gel pens add so much!! Hope you don't get tired of me asking - would you ever do a video? Thanks for sharing your tremendous talent!!

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