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May 03, 2016


G Evert

The flower cards are absolutely gorgeous! I would be bragging too!😘

Carol L

Oh my goodness!! The Heartfelt Thanks is beautiful!!! I would stare at those flowers all day too if I could paint something that pretty! You have earned the rights to brag!! I like the bear cards too, but flowers are my favorites. Love your blog!


You definitely get the credit for creating these fabulous projects! All are wonderful! The combination of colors, blooms and the watercolor techniques you used on the first card are incredible! It's stunning!

Rosy Newlun

Shazam! I don't blame you for drooling over your watercoloring! These are fab! Saw the top card on your FB post and had to rush right on over to say "WOW!" in person ♥


Drool away, Suzy because that first card is absolutely breathtaking! You saythe supplies do all the work, but I say you have to start with a vision and you knew what colors would work well together. I'd say this card is definitely frame-worthy! The pink flowers are very pretty, too. I adore all the shimmer! Those bears are very fun, too. Don't know about the black bear's proclivity for eating people, but you made them downright appealing on the card and tag. I keep saying it, but I truly admire your talents!! :)

Kathy Salido

Your cards are all gorgeous. My favorite is the first one, it is truly stunning, and I am drooling over it too!!


Oh my gosh you are such an enabler! I mean that in the very best sense. Did not know you could get a starter set of Daniel Smith watercolors for such a great price! I just ordered organic blooms from Mama E, now I'm really going to break my piggy to get the watercolors! I have a starter set from W&N, Sennelier, and I've really wanted to see how they compare to the DS. Very, very beautiful cards!


You asked me what the difference was between the Sennelier and the others; I waited for my Daniel Smith sampler set to come in and try them so I could give you a really good answer! :-) The Sennelier is "creamier" (I think due to the honey base) and while you get a really good amount of pigment they are also transparent enough so you can layer colors and blend them to get that mottled effect in your first card (above) with one color or two colors etc. I thought the DS had richer pigmentation then the W&N (totally agree with you on that!). Honestly, I felt like I got the best results with the Sennlier which really surprised me because when I did my swatches, I thought I was going to like the DS the best, so much so that I ordered all four of their dot charts! I hope you try the Sennelier one day, its really beautiful to work with. I hope your daughter is feeling better! Thank you so very much for the awesome inspiration!! Take good care! x K

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