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April 27, 2016


Carol L

It is 12:30 AM here but couldn't turn in without checking your blog. And boy, I was not disappointed!! The cards are awesome!! Can't pick a favorite but I especially like the one with all of the stamps covering the front of the card. Yours are always spaced just right! I am a retired teacher and would have loved receiving one of the teacher cards. Your color choices on all of the cards are so pretty. You definitely do motivate and inspire! I will continue to read your blog!!

Kate Dykstra

Such fabulously fun cards!! Such wonderful ideas! Your cards are ALL so delightful! Thanks for all the tips and suggestions too. I can't wait to give things a go!!

I'm so sorry that your back is causing such grief and do hope you feel better soon. xox


First off, I am so bummed to hear that your back is giving you such fits. No fair! I can't imagine how hard it must be to get the photos and then sit for as long as you must have (or all the shifts it must have taken if you did the typing in shifts) to get this done. I am so glad you did for this is another amazing post, but I certainly don't want you to post if it is adversely affecting you! So, please take care and if you need to take some time off, I am all for it so you can feel better. That being said, this is another spectacular post! :) I especially love that you do that watercoloring of backgrounds ahead of time and use the rectangles when they fit a project. Brilliant idea. I also loved hearing that you watercolor in the car! Way to be productive! :) I adore each and every card you share. Big hugs that you will feel better soon!


Thanks for another great "One stamp, five (or six!) ways" post! As usual, I like all your cards and the variety of ways you do them. Your tip about watercoloring sheets of paper ahead of time is something I definitely will try. Hope you will feel better soon. Back issues are not fun at all!

Jennifer Hovermale

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having horrible back pain!! Pain is no fun anywhere, but pain in your back is one of the worst!! I love, love these types of posts. It makes me see my own stamps in new ways. Thank you for that! I'm sorry but I don't comment all the time, but I'm trying to do better. It takes me so long to type. By the way, I'm now a subscriber; thank you for fixing it. I didn't know that others had told you. I just didn't want you to miss potential subscribers because your blog is so AWESOME!! From one back sufferer to another, I do hope that your back feels better soon!! (Try Bengay, but thick application and wrapping up area in blanket; TENS unit; & Aspercreme with Lidocaine- now available over the counter; hot shower with water aimed at back) I hope that something helps soon!! Praying for you!!

Tricia Ann

These are so beautiful. You are very talented and productive, you get so much done. Get better soon!


Love these cheery cards. Thanks so much for the inspiration and hope your back is feeling better soon!


After the recent SSS blog hop I bookmarked your blog because I remembered how much I enjoyed seeing your projects the times I had visited previously and I didn't want to miss out on any of the fun. Imagine my delight when I dropped by and read that I could now sign up as a subscriber ensuring that I don't miss any of the wonderful things going on here in the future! Your cards are outstanding! I love bright, vibrant and cheery cards...you've mastered that with these! As someone with a limited stamp collection, I'm always interested in learning how to stretch my stash. Your creativity inspires me to think outside the box. Thank you! Please take good care. I hope that your back pain subsides soon!


Love these cards!

Lee Higbee

Just found you and I love your cards! Thank you for sharing your talents. :)

Margaret Wise

Awesome inspiration, First time to visiting your blog.

Sandra Johnston

I love every single card in this post! Oh my, what fabulous inspiration! This was my first visit to your blog, but now I an a subscriber!

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