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March 29, 2016


Sherry W

Very nice! And, yes, the descriptions help A LOT. Great to see how much you were able to get out of the one stamp set.


Suzy-i recently bookmarked your blog because I am so inspired by your talent and card creating skills. I am sort of in a craft lull and this post was just what I needed to get my creative muse reignited! I do appreciate all the descriptions you write. I have had my eye on this stamp set and want to create with it too. You and I share a similar design aesthetic and I think each and every one of these cards is just beautiful and truly a work of art. Thank you for being a bright spot in my crafting life! I am on Instagram as annievee1977 if you would like to see what I create. Thank you again!


Oh boy! You are amazing. Thank you so much for the time you take to describe what you have done to create your images. It is SO helpful. This looks like an amazing stamp set. The cards are absolutely gorgeous. I so appreciate that you do these posts!

Carol L

I so look forward to checking your blog! Another beautiful set of cards - love the striped backgrounds! The descriptions are very appreciated. Do you ever do videos when you make cards? Thanks for sharing your talent!


I look forward to your posts and really like that you have descriptions. I realize that it takes time (having taught stamping classes and writing out how to do every step), but thank you for doing that. Beautiful cards again!


i just love the way you blog and i love your descriptions (cannot even tell you how much i appreciate good, old-fashioned words and photos as opposed to videos!). your cards are just completely and thoroughly lovely and your colour sense is just fantastic! pleas keep doing what you are doing (unless it becomes too much work because first you need to take care of you!)

G Evert

Love the descriptions... And beautiful cards once again...

Cheryl L

Thanks for sharing! I'm a new blog follower and just in time - I recently bought this set and I'm excited to create things using some of your inspirations! I really like your color combo choices!


These are great and thank you for sharing the directions! I never knew to stamp in a light colored distress ink and then use the distress inks to color in the stamp so now I'm going to give it a try because your description was so detailed I think I can do it!


Wow! A lot of work with so many techniques packed in one post. This helps me a lot as I am trying to get the supplies I need to make pretty cards like you, and trying to decide which techniques I want to do or try. So this is really helpful to me!! But I can tell you put a LOT of work into this one post. All gorgeous and inspiring!! Thank you for sharing!!


suzy, just wonder how exactly you paint with the distress inks? do you use a water brush right on the ink pad? do you rub the ink pad onto a surface and pick the colour up from there? just curious and am anxious to try this technique


Beautiful cards! I really like the different ways you "painted" the images. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Kerry M

Thank you for showing me a number of different ways to use my stamps! Beautiful job.


I was browsing the web looking for ideas to use this stamp set - I LOVE your cards! So hard to choose a favorite. Thank you for writing out the basic directions - I appreciate knowing what kinds of water colors you used for various cards as they all give different (and gorgeous) effects!

Jennifer Hovermale

I just want to say that I love your postings of one stamp 5 ways!! I have bookmarked your site and I'm now going to subscribe. I have been using your site for the past week to come up with ideas using my own stamp sets!! I don't have the stamp sets that you are showing, but I have sets that are similar to them. So, thank you for these posts.

Joyce Jensen

Very helpful! Please keep posting directions/instructions. I'm still learning and love your work. You are an inspiration.
Thank you,

Katherine Moore

I just googled this stamp set and am so happy to have found you! What great ideas. I love that you used the stamps different ways and the descriptions were very helpful. Thank you.


Yes, all that work is well worth your time, for us. I appreciate reading all your tips and tricks. Many are things I don't think to do. I loved each card and think you did a beautiful job on each one. I will be giving your ideas a try. Thank you so much.

Alma D

Yes the instructions help immensely. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

Liane Albert

Your descriptions are so helpful!!! I'm seeing your blog for the first time today and I loved your post for this stamp set. I have it huh myself but it's been a year and I have yet to use it! You've given me HUGE inspiration for taking this set out in the morning and finally breaking it in!!. It's disappointing sometimes when you go to a blog and they don't list products or material. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not or if it's just a personal preference to keep "the recipes" to themselves. When you get SO inspired at seeing something that you'd like to recreate, it's so helpful to have that info. The two questions that I seem to ask the most are "who is that stamp set by" and "how did you do that"....Thank you again for the inspiration and for so freely sharing your craft!

Denise Evans

These are all just outstanding! You have such talent and your colors are just so gorgeous, Suzy! Yes. . . all your typing of the details are SUCH a help! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us!!!!

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