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August 02, 2014


Annie A

This is just amazing!!!! I love your coloring, I love all the colors you have used and I would LOVE to see a process video. I have a lot of different watercoloring mediums including the Neocolors and this post has so much inspiration on how to use them. Thank you for such an amazing post!


Suzy, I would love to see your process in a video! You are just so talented!


Yes, please, Suzy! Make a video! your work is amazing!

Tricia Gray

Love your art! A video would be awesome!


Wow, these are so pretty! I love the colors, artwork, the sayings. I would love to see more, especially a process video so I can see it in action.

Kelly B.

I can't get enough of your doodles Suzy. They are AMAZING! You are incredibly talented! I would love to see your process.

Melissa (mollymoo951)

Suzy - Gorgeous doodles & coloring. The font on "A Wild Wonderful World" - I love! I need that in an alphabet stamp!


I love your art doodles, and the quotes you chose. they are all so fun, and inspiring.

Wendy Antenucci

These are all so pretty. Love the little birdie one and the waiting for rainbows!


LOVE LOVE LOVE what you do, Suzy. You are so clever. And yes, a video would b AWESOME xx

Elizabeth Gardner

These look awesome, Suzy! I just love how happy and colorful they all are! Thanks for sharing


Would love a video. Is you home as colorful as your art?

Laura Solomon

I love your work-- I would BUY your art. LOVELOVELOVE.

Victoria in OHio

Gorgeous!! so love all of them but especially the inspirational sayings. you are so wise!!! yes tutorials please!!!!

Sandra B.

These are my favorite little something of today--esp. "Wild wonderful world". Thank you for sharing them! (Have you considered selling copies? C'mon...)


Yes yes yes YES PLEASE!!!! I would love to see your process! I would also totally buy several of these if you wanted to let them go. You are so amazingly talented! Mwah!

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