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April 04, 2014



Agree follow your heart and God. Had no idea how this gift came about. Amazing story. So sorry about the daily pain. I have headaches daily but not at your level so I feel for you. Debilitating. Hugs to you! Proud of you for following your heart.

Robyn Werlich

Love you Suzy! You are truly an amazing woman - with a heart of gold!! Love you!

mary t

Good for you!!! You are doing what's best for you ! Always see you as inspiring!
Mary t

Victoria in OHio

MAkes total sense! Love your wrok and your doodles.. I didnt realiz you are in pain daily so sad to hear that.. Praying that God will heal you!
I wondered if as a doodler that yo wols rahter jsut freehand your own doodles than to stamp them.. just curious.. i am not a drawing artist.. wish i had better handwriting and wish i could draw like you ;)Blessings to you dear one as you heal and be who God wants you to be!


Can I just say how much I admire you? You have such a God-given talent and are such an inspiration! Be blessed.

Miriam Prantner

Totally understand and get it! I love your doodles though and hope you will find a way to continue to share them but maintain balance.


It has been wonderful to see your journey. I can almost feel your relief. You doodled one of my favorite quotes years ago when you were taking requests,and it still sits in a frame in my craft room.

May you get some physical healing.

Alissa Getson

Suzy I love your story and your doodles!!!! Good for you and I look forward to seeing your doodles on Etsy!!!!!


Oh Suzy, thank you for sharing. Health is more important. It's a good move to stop designing and thinking of promoting the stamps. take a break. Do continue to share your doodle with us when you feel like it. I love your work. Its always bright and cheerful and inspiring.


First, I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Second, your doodles just make me smile whenever I see them. Your focus on God and scriptures give me peace and joy and are a highlight in my day. I would love for you to do a tutorial with step by step photos of your process. Do you start with pencil? What pens or pencils do you do the color with? My granddaughter is 12 and is always doodling on her notebooks and she loves to see yours too and she always ask in amazement, 'How does she do that?' So I told her, maybe we can find out. Thank you for inspiring her!

ana roat

Someday I hope to run into you at the beach where we can talk for a few minutes, laugh and feel the sunshine on our faces. If you are stuck behind "a desk" how would that be possible? Wishing you the very best Suzy!

Judy C.

I'm so glad you shared your story. I noticed right away that your picture was no longer listed with the design team on MFT. I sent a message to them asking where your picture was and why you weren't listed. I was told you weren't with them anymore and I wanted to cry. When I was a young girl, I too doodled to ease a broken heart or release stress or just for fun. It was a great way to express myself. I understand why you doodle and I also know why you gave up making stamps. When I first started making cards, I had several people tell me I should sell the things I made. So I started a little business. Slowly but surely the fun was gone and then I had deadlines and items that weren't just like someone wanted them to be. It took all the fun out of what I loved doing. Now I just make things for friends and myself. The joy is back. You too will get your joy back by doing what you love just for you. I will promise you this, if you make digital things to sell, I'll be one of your first customers. I am going to miss you so much but I understand your decision. Your health and your connection to God is far more important. Please take care of yourself. I wish you the very best.

Katherine S Lee

Suzy...I was on MFT's blog tonight looking for your designs...when I didn't see you there I came to your blog via Studio Calico...I LOVE your doodles...I have most of your stamp sets and I LOVE YOUR DESIGNS posted on studio calico where you used lots of your doodles. I am a doodler myself...have done it since high school...I can't write notes or anything without doodling...I'm so happy to have your stamp sets...but I totally support your decision. I'm so sorry about your pain...I was so happy to see your doodled quote from Dieter F Uchtdorf...I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints also...and I so look forward to conference. You have such a sunny personality and I'm thankful to know you in some small way...so grateful to know we can be with our families forever. I will support you if you put some doodles on Etsy some time. Thanks for brightening my day SO MANY TIMES...you are an example for good to me...


You continue to amaze and inspire me. You are the kind of person I wish I knew personally because I'd love to be your friend! You are the "real deal", as they say!! ♥ Keep being you!


Several months ago I found your inspirational quotes and I loved them. I was unable to locate your website again until the other day. I was so happy to find it again! I spent hours admiring your creative and beautiful work and reading parts of your blog. I am sad that you will no longer be doing this, but I have your blog booked marked, so I can enjoy it again! I wish you luck in your new adventure. Whatever you do it will be amazing!!!

A couple of questions: 1. Have you thought about teaching a doodle class? I would really like to learn. 2. Is it possible to get some of your inspirational quotes in a bigger size? There are so many that I love, the happy, butterfly and destination are my top three. 3. Is there a way to follow your future adventures (I really dislike that I came to the party late and you have left! lol)? 4. If you doodle inspirational quotes from conference I would love to be able to print them.

Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts! You are an amazing and beautiful person!


nice share...nice posting...



Forgive me. Because of your strength I had no idea that you were still in pain. I am ashamed to admit that I have not prayed for you in a very long time. I am sorry to hear of your struggles, but may I say what an incredible person you are to, in spite of everything, keep this place so cheery. You are a better person than I.

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