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September 03, 2013


ana roat

Hi Suzy-
I would love to see more stamps for project life, babies and scripture. I have a 2 year granddaughter and another little granddaughter due any day now. Your doodles are awesome! By the way, how are your feeling? I've been praying for you up here in sunny northern California.


Cathy Max

Congrats on your wonderful stamp set. Can't wait to see more of your creations!
I think I would love to see some masculine stamps. So many sets are geared toward women which is great but I have three teenage sons and not enough sets to make a card for them. And inspirational words would be great, too!

sandi m

I have always admired your doodling talent! PL for me, but honestly I cannot imagine not loving everything you create! Congrats to you -


Suzy, what cute and fun stamps. Takes me back to the flower power era. Volkswagen vans etc! I agree, baby stamps would be fun. Thanks for sharing your artistic talents with us.

Miriam Prantner

I would love to see some of your verses made into stamps. Congratulations again about having your doodles in stamps, must be so so thrilling!


I would love to see more sets for weddings and babies, in your doodle style that makes them so much fun!


You are amazing! I'm so excited that you are making these available now! I have been admiring your doodles for ages! Eeeeek! I'm so excited!! ♥


beautiful, love the album, so much fun, great doodle set

Kim S.

Your layouts are beautiful! Love all the doodling.


Congratulations! I would love to see more of your verses turned into stamps - especially ones that are good for cards.


Congratulations!!! This is amazing news!!! I would love to get my hands on a set of your doodles... who am I kidding? I want ALL of your doodles in stamp form!

Leanne in CA

I would love to see anything you doodle that can be colored in--like this amazing new stamp set!! Congratulations!!

Shirley Chia

Love all your doodles! Congratulations and I really love all your stamps!

Susan Ott

This makes me so happy that you are selling your cute doodles. I love all the ones you've done in the past. Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!


Love this stamp set and all your doodles! I would like to see some quotes, and also some masculine ones since there are no girls in my family.


Your new stamps are lovely. I would like to see more Project Life related stamps. Maybe some doodle shapes like hearts, stars, arrows, boarders. Also sentiments for cards... Happy Birthday, Thank You, etc.

Kirsten J

I just love your happy doodles. So happy for you!


oh yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love your work!!!

for future stamps.....

words like documented,captured, today,moments
spring, summer, winter autumn/fall
more phrases......you wont believe your eyes, guess what happened,...very fun and funny things we might say over the day!!!

wahoooooooo cannot wait!!!


Love your doodles, your colorful creations that are so attractive to the eyes. Congrats on the stamps.. Cant wait to play with them...you are an inspiration!

Toni From

I just love your new stamps Suzy. Well deserved and Congratulations!!!

Amy K

I've always admired your work. These doodle stamps are fantastic! I'd love to see more word-art-type doodle stamps. ie: everyday, family, children related words.

Have you ever considered selling these in digital (png) format? I would love those too.


LOVE your doodles...so much fun and so versatile ...would love to see doodles for Coffee and Puppies or pets

Karen Harris

I love your idea for a photo album using a business card holder. I'm a lucky Mimi to two beautiful grandsons - so I would like to see doodles/stamps geared toward the "snips, snails and puppy dog tails" gender.

Bea W.

I love your artwork...you are so talented !!! I would love to see new stamps with your verses and stamps for project life.

Joni Moore

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new stamps! Your WORD art is so fantastic, that I would love to see more... more words, more sayings, more sentiments!

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