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September 01, 2013


Tammy Hanson

Love the lined borders and dots used in all your images. So cute.


I am always on the lookout for new cross stamps. How fab would my cards be with one of your cross doodles stamped on the back and colored in?!
Of course as long as im sitting on Santa's lap, I'd love to see some scriptures as well. The one that just came to mind was "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16
God's blessings, Sarah

Carol P.

I love your doodle art. Cool graffati but with a twist. Your PL pages are really terrific too.

Debbie Nelson

Love it...just makes me smile!!

Linda Hart

What a nice layout. Love all the doodles. Great pictures of the kids.


Fantastic layout. I really love how you have coloured in your "let your smile change the world" letters and the wash of colour behind. Absolutely fantastic.

Barb Murphy

Wonderful design! Full of everything pretty and happy. Your doodle art is so amazing!


I love your doodle art! Makes me smile!


How adorable!


Fantastic PL page!! Your cards look awesome in there!

Judy C.

I'm so excited that you are a part of MFT now. I've doodled like this all my life and it's wonderful to see this type of doodle in a stamp. Thank you, thank you. What a fun and fresh new way of stamping.


fab PL page..so fun!

Pamela A

Fabulous layout - doodles just are the perfect fit!

Michelle K

That is the happiest PL spread I have ever seen!! LOVE the stamps!! LOVE your use of sequins on the PL card...so darn happy!!!


Cute layout, love the doodles!


Love the whimsy in your designs.

Lisa Lynn

Wonderful layout.


love these doodles!!! fabulous layout!

Cathy K.

What a bright and colorful layout!


Such and Awesome, Funky...Cool & Creative Layout!


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