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September 02, 2013



love, love, love these doodles and your projects!!!


I'm so glad you have your stamps!! I love your handwriting and designs!! :) congrats!! I love to color with Copics and your stamps are perfect for them!!


Love your idea and also the girls plaid dress!


Cute project & how you put it all together!


Adorable designs! Regarding this question you had:I also stamped the same sentiment on my background paper. I then cut out portions of the image from each color and placed them over my stamped image. (I know there is a name for this technique - but I don't know it - does anyone else?) Would the technique be paper piecing?

Tammy Hanson

Love all the different paper patterns and designs you used on these cards. The technique is call paper piecing and it is one of my favorites. Some people don't care for it because of all the detailed cutting you must do but I think it looks amazing.


Love what you did. A gal after my own heart....detail, detail, detail.


These mini buss cards are Awesome on All Levels. Can't wait to see it all in unison. Great job my friend. Love...


love your doodles, adorable cards

Jan Garber

I can't wait to see the finished album! What a great idea!

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