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August 31, 2013


Lisa Lynn

What fun tags.

Kelli B.

Very cute!

barb murphy

Oh my gosh I love these stamps! Your creations are so inspiring :)


These are great tags, I love the white gel pen look.


Great tags. I really love the first - the white and black on the red is totally stunning


Oh Suzy girl, you are cracking me up! Every time I see one of your projects my attention is drawn to the staples. I too love my tiny attacher. When I read your post about not wanting to pay full price for adhesive, I knew we were kindred spirits!
God's blessings,
Sarah :)


your tags are adorable, love your new set!


Your doodles are so adorable!! Fun tags!!


Cute tags, your stamps set is so cute.


Love these Tags, you nailed these my friend.


Cute tags.

Pamela A

Sweet and adorable tags - great job!


Fabulous tags.

Tracey Hespe

Great tags & stamps - congrats!

Tammy Hanson

Each of these tags are so amazing. Love the white gel pen filling. So striking.

Debbie Nelson

Your stamp set is soooo cute! It just makes me happy!


love these doodles...awesome tags!!!

Cathy K.

What cute tags--so colorful!


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