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February 03, 2013



Well I can certainly sympathize with the 50 thing. It happened to me last August and I haven't recovered yet. Besides that I was living in dread for probably 6 months before that. I really don't have a reason to dread a number, or an age, but this one hit me hard. I think its the feeling that life is passing me by and I don't want it to. And besides that, when the BIG day rolled around it was pretty much ignored by my family.

But anyway,I'm wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I really mean that. And do go see the pain specialist. Being in constant pain can get you down for sure. Your 50th year will be much happier when you can get some relief from the pain.

All the best.

Ashley N Newell

I hope you get your pain under control soon! Living with chronic pain is awful! And if I look anything like you when I'm 50, I'll be turning cartwheels! I would have NEVER guessed! Happy early Birthday!

I'm looking forward to your scrap room storage/organization post! :D


Oh Suzy, I'm so sad you are in so much pain still.I was hoping you'd fully recovered! I sure hope and pray for you that the pain docs can do something for you!

Well, I'm another 1963 year girl along with..yep this is our big 50 year! I'm feeling just like you..I mean fifty!? Gads. You are beautiful, and blessed...


So sad to hear that you are still in so much pain. I too, had hoped you were passed all that.

Happy Birthday! It's just a number. My number is higher than your number...58. I don't feel like I thought 58 would feel. And I'm glad.

Looking forward to your post about you selling your doodles. I don't do PL, but they can be used on my layouts.


You are so amazing! I cant imagine your life and how awful it has to be to live in pain. As for you not seeing your son for 2 years, I could not do it! That would truly break my heart! I would be a big mess!! Stay strong. Hope you can get help for your pain soon. Prayers for you and your family!


So sorry to hear that you're still in so much pain I am like the others and was hoping/praying that you had recovered and gotten through all that. I hope the pain doc can help. No worries about 50 it's just a number and you're only as old as you act (in my case that's about 13 I think! lolol) I'm turning 49 this year and can really relate to how you're feeling. 40 didn't faze me at all but I do agree that 50 just sounds different but aren't we going to live past 100 so we're not middle aged yet?? :)


{{{{{hugs}}}}} Can't be easy constantly being in pain. I hope they can find a way to make it better. I dreaded 50 and didn't even want to acknowledge my birthday in November, but the day passed, and I survived and life went on! LOL! Blessings for your happiest birthday EVER!

Marcia Scantlin

Happy birthday today and welcome to the club. Do something wild and crazy, like eat cupcakes from your favorite store.

Diana Waite

I'm sorry to hear that you are still having pain--that STINKS! I AM excited that your boy is coming home--I can tell you as I served in Venezuela that the dogs run wild there as well...they are actually PRETTY scary with all the in breeding--they don't smell very good either....umm...anyway, he will LOVE Anabelle--she is ADORABLE! Happy Birthday today--enjoy being 50! :)

Jennifer O

I am so sorry to hear that you're still in pain. I hope you find some relief soon! I continue to enjoy your layouts but can understand why you don't feel like creating!


I was so sad to hear you still have pain after all you went through. I am 58 and I do NOT feel that old. Let's continue to be the age we feel regardless of what the calendar date. Happy birthday. I also enjoy celebrating my birthday with my family. I am going to check out the blogs mentioned. I am glad you are going to blog more because I enjoy them. Ever do layouts?


For me turning 30 was bad. I was also in pain from surgeries, etc. and I had been ill for so long in my late 20's. I felt like I was getting older and sicker and life was just OVER! Turn the clock forward 20 years and when I turned 50 if was SO much better. My health was back to 100% and it made all the difference. Being 50 was no big deal because, with health, anything was possible.
Hang in there and get some help with your pain and try to look forward to life!!

Jessica Sager

I love your blog, Suzy - you are a ray of inspiring sunshine. :)

You likely have posted about this before, but rather than dig forever, I thought I'd just ask: what kind of pens, pencils, etc. do you use and/or favor? I love, love, love the look of your doodling! I took the SC Day-by-Day class last month so I have your wonderful handout about adding doodles to journal cards - by far my favorite handout from that class. You mentioned several in that handout, but I thought I'd see if you've written anything on your blog about other supplies.

Happy belated birthday! :)


Suzy - you made me cry reading about your pain because I lived thru several years of chronic pain and I truly empathize. I prayed for you as I read your update and I hope you see this to know that I am so sorry you are going through that. Please update us on how you are doing. I so enjoy your work and you are such a ray of sunshine, it hurts my heart to think of you hurting! Hugs!


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Happy Birthday! And I'm sorry you are dealing with constant pain. (((hugs))) You are in my prayers. Becca :)

Monique Liedtke

I'm always "lurking" here but I decided to say something for a change :). Happy belated birthday! I think I know how you feel, I'll turn 50 in November and it scares me too ... it really does seem OLD. Everyone says you're as old as you feel, but hey the ones saying that are all way younger than me! Btw, you look great and not old at ALL!!!!
I'm so sorry to read you're in constant pain. I really hope you'll get better soon!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your scrapbooking style and love the double page you've made (but I love everything you make!).
Big hug from The Netherlands!!


Happy belated birthday! i have so missed this place. Why I decided to take all AP courses... has to be a sign of madness... is beyond me. I really hope this college thing is exactly what every single adult has been telling me since my fetus days.

I am so sorry to hear about your pain I really am. Please forgive me Newtown has been taking up my prayers, but I shall continue them for you as well. Sometimes the human in me just wants to get my prayers done so I can get to sleep... I am sorry. It is one of the many things I have to work on... again I am sorry... for your pain and my behavior.

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