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November 06, 2012


Melinda T

Love how organized and contained it is! Cuts down on clutter and time spent searching for items!


You are awesome!


The thought of Project Life overwhelms me too much!! I feel like I would always have something to do whether I wanted to scrapbook it or not and I don't know if I'd like that... I love your organization of PL tough! ;)


Thanks! I've purchased everything I need to start PJ, but it seemed too much to have to do, as Photochic points out. I have one of those containers, and may just follow your lead in getting things set up for 2013. You are awesome!

julie k

Love this idea! Narrowing down the choices makes it so much easier, and your little box is perfect! Thanks for sharing! :)

Lillian @ Elle The Heiress

I love that you've organized embellies by color. That's my favorite way to do it!


These are awesome! Thanks for the sharing tips how to organize, it is such a challenge for me :(

by the way, i love the quotes you made. I wonder if you have a tutorial on how to make those. I can do "simple" letterings but find it hard to make it as beautiful as those. Can you share some tips or websites for me ?

Thanks so much! All the best!


I love your PLBox! I'll be subscribing to the Studio Calico PL kit, but I think I'll create a box like this for it anyway! The color bins for the embellies are great! What type of boxes are you using?


"The key is to have your products ready and not too many choices" - that is so true!
I love your box, I need something like that.


Great tips, I think I will be copying you! I did a better job with PL this year but hope to really get the hang of it next year. This system of organizing I think would really work well for me, thanks.


Wow that is amazing. Thanks for sharing, i think you've just inspired me to organize my stash too :) and lovely color scheme <3

Debra E

Wow! You could start your own kit club!!! What a beautiful and well organized PL. Awesome mix of materials. I can't wait to see your pages.


II want todo this fir our trip to Disneyland in the fall and I could work on it as we go!

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