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October 10, 2012



I really like the third one. Nice font/caligraphy!

Lisa VdV

How long does it take you to do one of these?


Great work, Suzy! I'd love a full image of "It's not a race...". Thanks!


I love, love, love all of your doodle art. I wish I could do it like you. You are so talented. I would love to get the original size copy of all of your quotes you did. Conference was so good this time. Our family is still so excited about the new missionary age and a temple coming to Tucson. Woohoo!! I guess you can tell I live in Tucson.

Liz Elliott

Suzy, your doodles are really cute. Thanks for sharing them and your talent! Love you...Liz

Mandi Roth

Super cute designs. I've been following on Instagram. LOVE them. Can you email me the quotes. I want all the uchtdorf ones, and the last one from eyring. I would really appreciate it. I want them around my house. thanks so much!!! mandiroth@gmail.com

Katrina McNiven

Could you email these quotes as well? Such a great way to display inspirational quotes in a beautiful way! ckmcniven@yahoo.com

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I would LOVE your doodle art! So talented!! If you could email me the full size of your quotes I would love them. YOu are amazing!

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