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August 08, 2012



Beautiful photos, is that south Laguna?
Keep your chin up and keep enjoying those beach days!

Mary Ann Jenkins

Thanks again Suzy for sharing your secret beach with me! Oh, and I blogged about seeing you there too!!



These are gorgeous pictures! Is this beach near Treasure Island beach? We discovered Treasure Island this summer and have been loving it but Victoria Beach looks beautiful too. Thanks for the info and for sharing your beautiful pictures, I hope your headaches start to improve soon.

Diana Waite

JUST GORGEOUS!! So fun that you got to see Mary ann!


Wow, wow, wow! So glad you're able to take in such beauty. Here's hoping your headaches start to mellow out. Not sure what kind of meds you can take, but I've always found Feverfew (natural extract) to be quite helpful in taking care of headaches. Take care!


Beautiful pictures! Sending prayers for better weeks to come.


So sorry for the pain, will continue praying for relielf. On a happy note, what a nice coincedence! I love MaryAnn from her days at Strictly Scrapbooking, she is always so nice. I've known her since I was about 5. Wishing painfree days for you.


ho[ing you pain gets better, suzy! thinking of you!

Linda Beeson

Now I need to go find that tower, what a really cool looking thing!


I know firsthand about having the neck muscles cut during surgery and the neck weakness and pain during the healing process as I had my thyroid removed in 1994. I know what you are going through is not easy. Praying for you.

Kim Watson

I am praying that your pain will disappear completely! It must be awful! I do understand why you popted for that type surgery... loss of hearing it just too terrible to contemplate having to adjust to. hang in there sweet-pea!

Your photos are as awesome as the beaches you are photographing (I is jealous!). Aren't those apps the BEST! I am loving the creative process behind tweaking my pics too. The iPhone 5 rules hehe! (no offense to the 'other' smart phone users out there :)


It's. Even awhile, hope you're okay!


It's been awhile, hope you're okay.

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