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July 26, 2012



I am really so in love with these two pages. I might scraplift these to make actual 12x12 layouts. They're so gorgeous!!!!

Kirsten J

Hey - a late Project Life is better than no Project Life! I started my 2009 album on the first day of spring and am so happy I didn't think it was too late to start! Love these happy beach pictures!

Erin S

You are amazing, already back to the beach!! And of course I love seeing scrap goodness from you :)

Cindy Tobey

Awesome PL pages! I just started working on PL too! Nothing completed yet and I'll be doing lots digitally since the couch is still the most comfy spot for me. :) So glad you were able to get back to scrapping for fun!


The beach, scrapping for you (no deadlines), and most important spending time with loved ones; it doesn't get any better. The timing of your surgery was perfect for you to have beach time. Love your pages. You make PL look amazing. Enjoy, and may God bless you with continued good recovery.


Yay! I am so glad you started Project Life!! I look forward to seeing more of your ideas!

Cheryl Zietz

Awesome PL pages! Maybe this will motivate me to get started on making some.
So glad to see your recovery is going well!


suzy - these turned out beyond cute! i will be inspired by you, if i can find where i put my PL kit... ;) seriously, i love these!!

Diana Waite

this is just GREAT!!


I was not even tempted by the whole PL project, but after seeing these you have me wanting to jump on this bandwagon.


Love it! So great to see you looking so good and back in action again!!

ana roat

You did this while not feel too swell??? Geeze! It's awesome!!! Makes me want to go to the beach too....never too late to start PL. I'm gonna scraplift the embellies on the "journal" spot. I have that same journaling card and I really like the way you decorated it.

Take care love!


Nice pl pages. Wondering about those beautiful BEACH letters? Who makes those? Is that bad grammar? Forgive me, if so!

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Suzy, Suzy, Suzy--You just had major surgery! Take a breath & a nap ;o) Hang in there Suzy gal, you are doing so great! Tomorrow will be better!

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Maria W

Oh my goodness - I LOVE the header on your blog! Made me bookmark you before even reading a single post! (; Thanks for sharing your thoughts on PL - so agree!

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