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July 07, 2012


Mary Ann Jenkins

I thought about you tonight Suzy as I was cooking dinner. A few drops of boiling water landed on my hand and it hurt like the devil. As I stood at the kitchen sink running cold water over my hand, I started thinking about you and all the pain and discomfort you've had the past week and a half. You are are inspiration, and for that I thank you.


As I mentioned before, my dad has had 2 surgeries by the House Ear Clinic (Not acoustic neuromas, but cholesteotomas). I remember his recovery from both surgeries took a few months. Dr. Nelson did the first surgery at St. Vincent's back in the '90s and Dad had to take over a month off from work. Dr. Luxford did the second surgery probably 5 years ago at Chapman Medical Center in Orange. That was a long recovery also. Hang in there! You'll get through it!

Cheri H.

Seriously you look GREAT in that photo, if I didn't know you had surgery I wouldn't even think any different.
May God bless you in your healing each and every day and may you regain your beautiful artist talents!!


Diane Standish

I too had the surgery as I said before-it will take time for you to recover so just hang in there! You have a wonderful support system and so I know you will come out the other side better than ever! Keep the chin up-I think the good/bad days are also from the anesthesia because it can stay in your system for weeks-be patient even though that is so hard

lisa truesdell

thinking of you all the time, miss suzy - and smile everytime i see your sweet face on instagram. your attitude through this is totally inspiring. xoxo.

Michelle C.

You can do this Suzy!:).Your blog has been an inspiration to me.

Kris Brunson

Aw, my sweet friend...what a trooper you are! I have no doubt your creative juices will flow golden again - maybe even better than before - due to your newly acquired perspective. Been thinking about you tons, as i hold sweet baby Ella who was just released from the hospital due to a scary bout of Viral Meningitis. Life is hard...but oh so precious!


I was telling my mum about you, and how I just didn't have any wisdom to share, I had no words to take away the pain, I had nothing, she said that sometimes just knowing that someone is there helps. I don't know if that's true or not, but I am here, and not a day goes by that I don't give you a little shout out in my mind, or to God. I am so sorry that you have to go through this, but I really believe this will all be a faint memory, and so worth it.


My mum was wondering if you were a Type A sort of gal? I told her you did seem like a go getter.

Cheryl Zietz

Seriously, you are unbelievable with your strength and perseverance! You look great in the photo! Not even 2 weeks since your brain surgery, you are doing amazingly well!
I am sure there will be good and bad days but You can do it!

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