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July 02, 2012



But you are home... Home! Tomorrow is a new day.. Take it a day at a time.. It will get better. Love the kiddos art, how lucky you are! Want me to take the puppy for you? She won't pee on my floor or anything right? :o)


love love love. nothing like being home and sleeping in your own bed if you ask me. having a puppy also means snuggle time :) so grateful you're doing ok sweet suzy.


I can just imagine how you feel but in the photo above you look great - like nothing even happened last week! Isn't it truly amazing how advanced medical technology is? In less than a week you're home again! You're happy to be home but you're a little afraid being away from the care of the hospital staff - this I DO understand! I had to undergo open heart surgery and it scared me so much. But they opened my chest up on a Thursday and by the following Tuesday I was back home again - happy to be there but afraid I was going to 'pop' something open in my chest! But time does heal, Suzy, at least in our cases. It's been five years since my surgery and I look back at that time (and my scar!) as my badge of honor, proof that God still has plans for me! (In fact, I'm going to be a first time grandma soon!) So know that this too shall pass.
I never post on blogs but when I found out that a fellow crafter was going through a real tough time, I just had to let you know that someone was thinking of you!


So glad to read that you are home! That's great news! I remember when my husband came home after his (similar) brain surgery last summer, he also had a runny nose, I panicked and called the nurses who calmly assured us that was part of the "drainage" process. (By the way, I love your children's artwork!) Take care.


So happy to see that you are at home! I've been checking in on your progress and you seem to be doing amazing for all you've had to go through in a week. A special thank you to your husband for keeping us all updated. Just wanted to let you know that you're in my thoughts and I hope with each day you get better and stronger. Also I love the artwork...your girls have obviously inherited your talent!


Yay!!! Sooooo glad to check in on you &your find you are home!! I will continue to pray for your pain & tummy. You are so brave!!! Big hugs to you from Prague...I have been following your progress all through Europe : )

Lizzie R

People pay for a 'bed hair' look like yours. Consider yourself seriously cool! Good luck with your recovery.


It's great that you are home! There is always nerves leaving the hospital, after we had out 1st daughter, the next day the nurse came in and said, well lets get you out of here, I had a brief panic thinking "what...? They are trusting me with this little thing, then I remembered Oh yeah, she is mine!!!" I hope that lightens your day. Prayers to you for recovery and your family for helping you. Your hair looks great. When my dad had his tumor removed, they buzzed right down the middle and left the sides, that made for a few laughs!!


Suzy you are beautiful! I find it amazing that you just had brain surgery last week and are already home and able to shower and fix yourself a meal! Recovery and dealing with pain while healing can feel really discouraging at times. Take it moment by moment. You can do this! We're all cheering for you, and I'll be praying, too.


So happy you made it through surgery and that you are already home. You look beautiful in all of your pictures -even the mug shot - as your faith and spirit shines through. My thoughts and prayers are with you during your time of recovery.

Jodi Amidei

Suzy - I just want you to know how much you've been in my thoughts and prayers. You are truly one of the strongest and most amazing women I have ever known and I am in awe of your ability to overcome anything thrown your way. The Lord has blessed you with a spirit so brightly lite and one that gives all those around you such joy! Lean on those that love and support you!
Hugs and much love,

Sandra A

Tapping ruby slippers for you..."there's no place like home, there's no place like home."

Jennifer O.

You are amazing. I can't believe that you are posting. So glad that the surgery went well and that you are on the road to recovery. Being at your own home, surrounded by the people who love you the most, has to help the healing! Take it easy on yourself and hope that you have less moments of pain as each day passes!


I really hope the pain goes away soon, I do. I just am so ridiculously happy that your surgery went so well.

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Så glad att du gjorde det genom operation och att du redan hemma. Du ser vacker i alla dina bilder, även Mug Shot - som din tro och själ lyser igenom. Mina tankar och böner är med dig under din tid av återhämtning.

Diana Waite

your a ROCK STAR Suzy! you CAN do this!! I hope that the pain subsides soon for you.

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