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July 15, 2012


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Am continua sa progreseze. Acesta va fi de trei săptămâni pe marţi. Sunt atât de uimit şi şocat de modul în care organismele noastre se vindece şi să recupereze. Mult timp nu văd nici un astfel de articol bun, şi, în special, vă mulţumesc pentru a împărtăşi, să ne sarbatoare pentru ochi, şi să ne spui de mai multe cunoştinţe. .

Cindy S

Wow, Suzy. Your creativity blows me away!! I LOVE the colors in the first doodle and am wondering what you use that makes the light color behind your words. Is it a water color or so you ise a some sort of blending pen? I love the added detail and notice that it is the same hue as the ink portions behind it. Glad you are starting to feel more like yourself. HUGS :)

Miriam Prantner

Sorry you had to miss church again, but clearly, you can worship from anywhere! Beautiful words and great promises!


oh i love that last quote! how about coming here and teaching me how to make these? I would so so love that! :)

Diana Waite

this is WONDERFUL Suzy! WAY to make up for the time that you aren't able to attend church--hope that your healing heals.


Such beautiful doodles; in spirit and creativity. May your recovery continue to go in a smooth manner.


Oh so clever! Wish I had your creativity, love these!


I love what you did with the microbead hearts, Suzy!! I'm so glad that you're doing well and I'm happy to see you back!!


These are beautifully done!


I think God will give you a pass on church, and we know he knows where to find you.

Are you excited? I am. I see wonderful things for you. I mean, come on look at what you accomplished with H.U.G.H., cannot begin to imagine what you can do now that you're H.U.G.H. free.

But, if you need something to do, I could use some help getting my grades up. Apparently, I don't have your drive.


Thanks for lifting my spirits, my best friend passed away a couple of weeks ago leaving behind 3 small children and I have had a hard time being happy... I'm grateful for any reminder of Christ and His peace :)

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You did this while not feel too swell??? Geeze! It's awesome!!! Makes me want to go to the beach too....never too late to start PL. I'm gonna scraplift the embellies on the "journal" spot. I have that same journaling card and I really like the way you decorated it.


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