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July 22, 2012


Liz Elliott

OK, so is feeling "human" not quite normal then? I totally get it haha...glad you are doing better and sorry church was difficult. Glad you had a nice nap afterwards. Got your text, but had company until just a few minutes ago (10:30 pm)...talk to you soon and hope you will feel even better this next week! Love the photo of the beach. Thanks for sharing!


I'm happy to read that everything went fine for you.
Take care of youself and enjoy the beach.

Cindy Tobey

So glad you're able to get to the beach. Very therapeutic. :)


So glad you're doing well. That picture is gorgeous. Take it slow...

Diana Waite

Yay for feeling better! you are AMAZING!!


Still praying and thinking of you... daily.

Sometimes I share too much, but church always wears me out; trying to live the life He wants me to live just doesn't come that naturally to me. I think I'm more human than most, and it's very trying.


Didn't mean to make that about me... oy!

Glad you're on the mend, sorry you are still feeling pain. I pray that it goes away soon.


Suzi-girl, you're doing so much better now ... and you're on your way to recovery for sure. yes, it's not such an easy road, nor a speedy journey, indeed some bumpy travel it has been for sure ... but I'm glad to read small (positive) posts regarding such "stations of the cross" as have been yours for too long being surmounted. Just know that people (you know and dont) are rooting for you, and praying for you .... and too, that some angels are watching over you. It will all pass soon, and all be alright ♥

Donna Parsley

Sunset at the beach – one of the most beautiful and heartwarming scene, right? It’s soo romantic, and even alone it could be a totally relaxing spectacle. :] It must’ve been a great outing. How was it? :]

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