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July 31, 2012


lisa truesdell

love this. love that you're scrapping. don't love the headaches, so stop having those, okay? xoxoxo


Sorry you're having headaches, but I'm glad you have the energy to share these awesome layouts with us. I love Amy's stuff too. Cute girls and cute puppy!

Diana Waite

I LOOOOVE both of these layouts! So happy that your brain will still let you create! ;)

Kim Watson

These pages are SO cool! You are my hero xoxoxox


Beautiful pages, Suzy! :) I just used the Amy Tan line on a card yesterday. LOVE it!!! :)


Praying your headaches are a temporary thing. Love that you are able to create and share with all your fans. How EXCITING would a Suzy line be?!!! Awesome.


i'm also so happy to see you scrapping! Love the layouts, and I really hope those headaches go away soon, each day that goes by, more healing inside!

Elizabeth Gardner

Well done. Both layouts are spectacular. I love the sketchbook line too. I totally agree... great bright colors and doodles galore. I definitely think you should create a doodle-type line in the near future, I bet it would be incredible! Glad to see you are up to scrapping. Hoping the headaches are temporary and have a feeling they are... look how much your brain has gone through in such a short time! It's just probably adapting from having HUGH evicted. :)


Love the new pup, the extra layering, and your creativity.

Will throw in an extra request tonight.


Love the new layouts and so glad to see you back to being able to scrapbook! Hope the headaches disappear very soon!

Stephanie Howell

oh suzy, i love these. SO glad you are feeling more you...but hope those dang headaches leave soon.xoxo

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Suzy, Suzy, Suzy--You just had major surgery! Take a breath & a nap ;o) Hang in there Suzy gal, you are doing so great! Tomorrow will be better!

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