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July 12, 2012


Cindy deRosier

So glad to hear that recovery is going well. I'll totally eat a cupcake (or three) to your recovery! By the way, I LOVE these projects! Adorable!


I saw these and loved them. Your puppy is so cute! I am so glad for the positive update. Keep the good news coming.

Cindy Tobey

Awesome projects - love your doodling! Glad you're progressing and enjoying the family time. xo

Diana Waite

SO funny about the cupcakes! WONDERFUL creations!! YEah for 2 hours on the right side too!


Love the heart card! Adorable!


You have some mad doodling skills.

And as long as it makes you happy I promise to celebrate you every day. Today- ice cream sundaes!


Should have reread my comment before I hit post. Kind of sad that even in the virtual world I cannot pull off "mad skills."

The layout is so seamlessly cute, and the heart is done amazingly, the detail alone is impressive, but how each line is different yet compliments each other is well done. By chance were you a graphic designer?

Mary Ann Jenkins

Darling layout! Each time I see your journaling, I fall in love with your handwriting all over again, I love it and so wish I could write like that :)

It's been nice coming here everyday and seeing your progress. I'm amazed at how well you are doing in such a short time.

Enjoy your family time!

Ann Endicott

I'm so happy to see that youre feeling better everyday. You are in my daily prayers. I've always admired your beautiful work, too. Keep your faith and you will get through all of this. God bless you! Ann

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these newest doodles as you call them, just get prettier and prettier! So joyful, love it Suzy. Keep on keeping on, still pulling for ya!

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