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July 01, 2012



Sending prayers for continued strength & sense of humor. You are amazing. Hope you get some relief from the pain soon. :-)

Sandra A

Thinking of you, and praying for your continued recovery. Take the baby steps, and try to let others do for you. They want to, and it will make them feel better that they can help you along.

Thank you Tom, for keeping us updated.

Diana Waite

oh, I'm sorry this is ROUGH (probably not the strongest word)--chin up! you are AMAZING--hope the relief you seek comes soon! xoxo

Candee (ScrapJAG)

Wow! Suzie, hang in there. I know what you went through with the spinal headache. I broke my ankle Feb. 29, had surgery Mar. 1 when they did my spinal anesthesia. Went home on Friday with a headache, which just got worse over the weekend. By Monday, I couldn't quit vomiting whenever I sat up, so back to the ER to get it fixed. The good news was that it was almost instant relief from the headache after the blood patch was started.
I hope you have a successful recovery. Tinitus is NOT fun - I have Meniere's Disease, and my ears ALWAYS ring. I sleep with the television on so I don't have to listen to just the ringing in my ears.
Hang in there, and I'll send up prayers that you recover quickly, and completely.
In His name!

Mary Ann Jenkins

Well Suzy, it sounds like you are on the road to recovery. Though it may be the slow detour part of the road, moving ahead at all after what you have been through is still great progress!

I know it may be quite awhile, but I can't wait 'till you are back blogging again because I know you are going to have some crazy stories to tell as only Suzy can tell them ;)

Praying for you and your sweet family!

Beth Hallgren

You are amazing! Saying prayers for you and your family :)


Sending prayers your way.

Kimberly C.

Hang in there Suzy! Sending lots of prayers and loving your Instagram feed!

Cheryl Zietz

Suzy, hang in there, look how far you have come! Sending prayers to you for continued strength and sense of humor.


Suzy, you are so funny, despite all you endure you never lose that wonderful sense of humor! Continued prayers for healing and comfort in memories of your brother!


I'm sorry, but I think you're cute. No matter what! Actually, strength makes one beautiful. So, you're not cute, you're GORGEOUS! More prayers for better minutes, hours, days, etc.

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