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June 28, 2012



Hi there,
Give a little "Hi" from me to Suzy, even if she & I don't know each other (I am following her blog since a while now).
And tell her that it came from Paris - France =)
I am sure she will be well soon, I am crossing my fingers to make the headaches disappear.
(Hoping my English is not too bad...)

Sandra A

Praying that her pain will ease.

Jodi Amidei

She is an amazing woman!!! And lucky to have found a prince like you. I'm still keeping her close to my heart and in my prayers.


So sorry to hear she's still in ICU, I'll keep praying that her pain will improve and those headaches disappear!


Sorry to hear whackadoodle is still experiencing pain and in ICU. Thanks for keeping us updated on her progress.. Helps to read updates and see photos of her! What a great husband!

Jennafer M

So glad she's on the mend. Hoping and praying she's able to go to a private room today.

Leslie G

Praying that she continues to mend. She is very lucky to have you posting her news. Thank you.


Aww... what sweet photos! Thanks for sharing! Hope Suzy gets up and running soon! :)

Denise Z

Hang in there, Suzy! Sending healing thoughts and prayers.


Thinking of Suzy and sending prayers. Thanks for the updates!

Lisa VanderVeen

AWWWWWWWW. I love that photo!!!!! You guys are so cute. *Heart* you both.


Take good care of Suzy and thanks for keeping us updated.


Praying for her recovery. Becca


praying for the pain to subside, keep holding on, Suzy! You are in my prayers!


Praying for pain free days, and smiling because you two are perfect together (guess that makes you both licky).



LUCKY... I meant lucky...

curse the u being right next to the i!

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You look amazing, and you've been very brave. I look forward to every update and am so glad you are doing well. :)

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