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June 26, 2012



Praying for your pain to ease and your recovery to go smoothly, Suzy! So happy to hear your surgery went so well!

Lisa VanderVeen

Thanks for all the updates Tom, you are supremely awesome. As you know, I have been thinking of you guys all day and I'm just so glad she's doing ok. The side effects sound awful but I'm so excited for this to be behind you guys and I'm also so excited to give her a huge hug as soon as I see her. XO

Suezi Gurzi

Suzy and family, i am so happy and relieved to hear the great news! Praying for strength,endurance, and courage for you during the recovery process! Can't wait to see your silly face and sense of humor back here on your blog!


Dr. Luxford did my dad's first ear surgery. He's VERY good.


Suzy and family, I am praying for you from across the world in Australia. Your blog has brightened my life and is in my Reader. I admire your courage and faith and hope the healing process and adjustments will not be too tedious and hard.


so very very glad to hear she's doing well. thank you so much for keeping us updated!! much prayers and love to all of you.

Sandra A

Thank you God! Will continue my prayers for Suzy's full recovery. So glad HUGH is gone! Thanks for loving Suzy so much that you're willing to get on her blog to keep us updated.

Denise Z

Such GOOD news! Thank you for this update! Hoping they are able to manage her pain and keep her as comfortable as possible.

Diana Waite

SO glad to hear it went well and that she has "some" hearing. Thanks for the update!


I'll be praying for the pain to ease. So happy to hear the good news.

Julie Crabtree

I am so happy to hear that the surgery went well. Your family is in my prayers.


Thank you so much for taking the time to update us on Suzy's recovery! I had the pleasure of taking a couple of classes from Suzy several years ago and have enjoyed her blog ever since. So, so glad things went well today and I'm wishing her a speedy recovery! God bless you all during this time and always!!!

Tracie Claiborne

Thanks so much for the update! I am praying for her!


Thank you for taking the time to give us an update. I'm very happy to hear the surgery was so successful! However, I'm sorry Suzy will have to go through so much pain. I hope she is through the worst of it very quickly. She will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated.


Prayers from France for Suzy, for you. Thank you for sharing.. and I am very happy to hear that the surgery was successful ! Be blessed :-)


This is such good news and a reminder that the power of prayer is awesome and strong! I am so happy that everything went well and I will continue to pray for a quick recovery. You are a wonderful husband to keep us informed of Suzy's progress. Thank you

laurie lariviere

such wonderful news, been thinking of her all day, as someone who suffers from hearing loss and vertigo, I know what she will be going through in the next few weeks...and your statement of people who don't realize they can't hear and don't seek help, that story is me...sadly my family thought I had a learning disablity all my life and I really couldn't hear, I was 24 before I found out that I only had 40 % hearing in one ear and mostly deaf in the other...hope Suzy continues to recover and can't wait to see her back on here!! :)

susan l

That is great news. Hopefully the pain will not last very long and she will feel better soon.


Still praying for you, Suzy! Thanks for posting for us, Tom! :)

Kirsten J

That sounds very positive! Prayers for a speedy recovery and that the pain lessens quickly!


Good wishes for your wife and your family. What an amazing woman she is.

Denise Z

Suzy, woke up thinking about you this morning. I hope you had a restful night and today finds you more comfortable than yesterday. You are a strong, brave woman and I'm SO glad you're on the other side of your surgery! BIG (((HUGS))) from up north!

Cheryl Zietz

Such wonderful news the surgery was successful! Hope she will be more comfortable in the next few days. I had the pleasure of taking a summer class of Suzy's at Oasis a few years ago. It was so much fun, and I have followed her blog ever since. I hope she will have a speedy recovery.


Good news, thank you for taking the time to post, DH! Prayers for you as you help your family to wellness!


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