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June 29, 2012


Tricia Gray

I was away from my computer this week, and was so happy when I got home to see how well you are doing Suzy! Woohoo! My prayers and thoughts have been and will continue to be with you.

Diane Standish

I left you a note on another blog entry-your pictures remind me of my own surgery and scar-and it was my right ear too just like yours! and my mouth drooped for a little while but it came back-you look like you are doing great! I did loose more of my hearing, hope you don't but it is something you learn to live with and sometimes its a blessing-I tell my hubby I am laying on my good ear so I don't hear what he's saying!! And you can block out the noise of the world! Kinda neat!praying for your full recovery Susie-


love you!!!!


Back blogging.. Drinking diet coke.. You are on your way! You are always a lil grumpy so that's another sign things are getting back to normal. Haha, laugh... I'm so glad you through the surgery and may be home soon! Xoxo

Leslie G

Your go girl!! You are amazing!!


you go Suzy!! We're all cheering you on and your strength is so amazing! Thinking of you!!


So good to have you back blogging! I think you've earned being a bit grumpy. :) I'll keep praying for a speedy recovery.


Wow! That is a work of art. Drs. are amazing. You're still in my prayers, but now they include praises of thankfulness. So happy that you are well on your way to wholeness!


thank goodness the patch worked! I have heard horror stories about the spinal tap headaches- glad yours is gone :)


It is wonderful that you have blogged so soon.


So glad to see you are feeling up to posting on your blog and happy to see you doing so well! Hope you make it home to your new bed soon! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

Kim Watson

You have to be feeling better if you are blogging! Are you up to 'Face Time' yet? luv you! xx

Marilyn provost

Im happy to see That you are doing better And better!!! Keep faith And all Will be ok!!!! Hugs


Thinking of you!

Cheryl Zietz

That is a work of art! So glad the patch worked and your spinal headache is gone!
You truly are an amazing person Suzy! Attitude is everything isn't it?
Best wishes to you and I hope each day you continue to feel better.

Denise Z

Oh Suzy!!! Can't tell you how great it is to see you back and blogging!!! I'm so happy for you that you've gotten relief from those headaches. (and that you've gotten to use a real toilet! LOL!) Keep following doctors' orders--you're doing GREAT! BIG (((HUGS))) from up north!

Cindy Tobey

You, my friend, are AWESOME! So glad the leak of CSF fluid is fixed and the horrible headache is no more. Will continue to pray for your speedy recovery. xo

Sandra A

You are amazing! Praying for your continued recovery. So glad those horrid headaches are taken care of.

Diana Waite

YOU are AWESOME! Glad they got you all fixed up with the right fluids-- ;0)

Elizabeth Gardner

Suzy, you are such an inspiration. I am so happy to hear that your nerves are doing well and you're getting better... and peeing in the toilet! BONUS! What a tough cookie. Thanks to your loving husband for keeping us updated.

Melinda T

Great to see you up & blogging! Praying for a quick recovery and no more headaches!


I love your spirit, and if this is not too bold I think I love you a bit too (in a G-rated, sister from Heaven kind of way). Love that you are on your phone you incredible, crazy, loving life kind of lady. Also, in the may be too bold category, I think you look lovely, scar and all!

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