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June 26, 2012



Thank you for the update, I'm sure the waiting part can be tough. Best wishes for a smooth rest of this day and smooth recovery days as well.


Thank you for keeping us posted. Praying for Suzy and know all will be well. Sends a million hugs from Belgium. Love ya Suzy!

Maureen R

Prayers for you for peace as you wait and worry. Praying you have Peace knowing all will be well and that God is with Suzy and her Drs and all the experts in the OR. Praying for Suzy as she faces this with courage . Praying for a successful surgey and a smooth recovery.

Cindy Stevens

Thank you or the update. I don't know her except through her blog and have been thinking of her today. Prayers to you all.

Sandra A

Thank you for taking the time to update all of us. My prayers continue for Suzy, all the medical staff, and you guys; her loved ones.


thank you so much for keeping us posted!! i, too, am praying and sending good vibes!!

Diane Standish

Susie-I hope you get this message because I had almost the exact surgery you are going to have-my benign tumor was wrapped around my facial nerve behind my left inner ear-lying right next to my brain. I had 6 hr surgery and the tumor was removed cell by cell since if it was not all gotten it would grow again. I had my surgery at Eye and Ear Hosp in Pittsburgh. And I am pleased to tell you that I did very well-of course I don't have hearing (only abour 15percent) in my left ear, but I have not been bothered with vertigo and nausea and all the symptoms I had previously. I found out the tumor was there from when I was born and it caused me all kinds of ear problems all my life-horrible infections, 2 other surgeries prior to this one, until I had the kind of scan they could finally do(this was in 1984) abd found the cause of my trouble. I came through it well and you will too. I am praying for you and hope you get to read this sometime so you know you are not alone. God Bless

Denise Z

Thank you for taking the time to update us--Suzy, your family and her medical team have been in my thoughts and prayers all day. Will be anxious to read your post that says "She's in the recovery room and all is well!"

Diana Waite

THANK you I've been thinking and talking about her today! Sending prayers your way!


Thank you for updating us! I have been praying for Suzy today.

Melinda T

Thanks for keeping us updated! I'll be keeping her in my prayers!


Suzy, your bravery is amazing! I am so happy to read the positive updates!


What a sweetheart.

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