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April 16, 2012


Scrappin Shonie

This post made me laugh out loud! Kids will do the craziest things! I hope you feel better soon!


I adore your LO and your puppy and seriously, that mug is awesomely gross!

Sandra A

Still here! Even in your pain you are seriously entertaining. I hope you get better real soon. Love your doodles, and your LO with hubby is so cute. Guess that weirdness is what made him get you that mug. And the girls are weird too, since they thought yellow water and choc chips would amuse you. Yes, but not enough to drink it, eh? Take care.

Diana Waite

I'm still here! :) Your girls are HILARIOUS--wonder where they get that from?! How sweet though that they gave you a pedicure--COOL about the dolphins as well!

Elizabeth Gardner

You are so funny....and evidently have very funny kiddos as well. I'm sorry you are hurting though. I'm praying for you and will always check in on your blog for infrequent posts, because you are the best!


Still here and feeling so sorry for you! My mom had shingles a few years back (in her eye so hoping yours is in a better place) and my 40 something hubby got one shingle with the chicken pox (serves him right for not getting them as a kid! lol not really, he was so sick and we felt so sorry for him.) Hope you feel much better soon and I love the stories about your kids, they are great!!


Suzie, there is an injection the rest of your family might want to consider having from the Doctor. It's like the pneumonia shot, after receiving the anti-shingles shot, they will never get shingles. I'm sooooo sorry you did not know about it for yourself.


We're here! Loved your post but hate that you are suffering. I mostly lurk on your blog but enjoy reading :) I had shingles too...still do (I don't feel them any more but I see traces of it..hoping it will disappear soon). Hope you feel better real SOON! Cute pup, interesting mug, attentive kids (lol!) and great doodling - thanks for sharing them!

Cheryl Zietz

We are here, enjoying your funny updates. So sorry to hear you have Shingles.
They are Sooo painful, I know. I had them over last Christmas and I am not one for pain medicine, but I learned to take it when it was time for another dose! My doctor recommended getting the injection that someone mentioned, 6 months after I healed from them, and I will do that. Feel Better!


OMG. I laughed so hard when I read this post... I DO hope you feel better! Shingles are nasty!

LOVE the doodles!

Bernice J

Suzy, I am sending you this in the comments, hoping that you will read and respond. I was just on the Creating Keepsakes site looking at the Layout Size Calculator you posted. Could you please explain how this works; when I type in numbers, I get no response/ I have tried to find a contact button for over there but can't find one, and wonder if you could check? Thanks, justasiam


I am still here and have missed you. You have been through a lot and are still continuing it sounds like. Take care of yourself and look forward to seeing any new creations you may have!


shingles - praying for no pain for you - miss you


Enjoyed your update! Sorry you are enduring shingles! I had them in Jan. I was so fortunate to get on the medication that helps with them an the 3rd day & the pain was only really bad for me for 10 days, but our employee health nurse wouldn't let me go back to work for 4 weeks!

sewa elf

Very nice, thanks for sharing.


What made you get shingles?? My Mom got it from painting her house once so I thought that was ironic you were having your house painted while you had shingles. I love your "doodling" as you call it. I think it's brilliant art!

Mary Zimmer

I am cracking up at your post. It's all a little too familiar for me though. I had major neck surgery last year and I am still recovering, some days suck. But the way that your kids treated you was soooo funny. And the fact that they knew about the massage oils, and that mug with yellow water and chocolate chips. I cracked up out loud. How old are your kids? Very funny stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Liz Elliott

Ok, so where to begin? I have NEVER seen the counter in your laundry room before. In fact, I didn't even know it was blue. It is very cute and I love the beach picture of the girls. Love your little puppy too. Miss you sister of mine!

Liz Elliott

Oh yes and I would like credit please for giving Tom the toilet mug for Christmas! I want to go see the dolphins with you and have the girls give me a spa day too. I'm coming as soon as my new knee heals!


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