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March 17, 2012


Kathy Martin

This card is stunning! Love it!!!! :)


Great card - love the two hearts!


So impressed that someone who's gone as far as you has been using her fingernails old school style! I can't score anything without my scorer tool. Even then, it's still crooked. Bless me. LOL

Mandy Szeto

I am in love with your envelope. I think there is so much character and pazazz!


Beautiful card. I love the fun edging.

Tami Mayberry

Gorgeous card!!!! Thanks so much for hopping with us today :)


This is beautiful.


Love this card! Cute idea!

Tania S.

I want one ... your envelope and card came out beautiful and much like you, my fingernails can't take much more of the folding and scoring process. LOL, have a great day.


Sweet card!


This card is so sweeeeeet -i want it :D. Thanks for this awesome blog hop and the chance to win. Tine

MaryAnn  N

cute card...and envelope!

Anne Essex

Lovely card.


what a beautiful card! lov the dear lizzy line and am so enjoyin this blog hop!

Holly S

Thank you for my weekend inspiration...all March Madness around here and I could use the jolt of grisliness on your blog:)

Holly S

girlishness NOT grisliness...sorry:) thinking + typing = spelling mistakes...

Mary-Anne V.

Love your card but your envelope is out of this world! Amazing.

Annette Allen

wow this is just so pretty...loving all the pink...thanks for sharing..

Kim JD

First timer to your blog - love it!


So pretty, love the card and the envelope!!


What a beautiful card and envelope. They are both so pretty. Thank you for sharing.


So pretty!

Cynthia B.

So cute, Suzy! Love the fancy edge on your envelope and the trim on your card. :)


Such a beautiful card :D


SO cool! And thanks for the chance to win!

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