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February 22, 2012


Cindy Tobey

Beautiful! Wish I could've been there. :) Happy belated birthday!

Diana Waite

SERIOUSLY amazing! Great Job!!

Kim Watson

Aaaah! what a memory, that coconut cake ROCKED so badly! Oh to have lounged on the beach by the cupcake shop for a day.... you live in paradise friend. XOXO

Sandra A

Happy belated birthday! I'm sure you were smiling as you did all this "work". Having Kim by your side only made it more fun. Gorgeous projects!

Cheri H.

LOVE your ideas, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Where did you get the candy (candy sticks and lollipop)? So cute. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Penny Arnold

Happy belated, it looks like you spent your whole day working! LOL I hope this is the post I need to reply to in order to win the Queen & Co. tapes, I tried SO hard to win some last time, I am drooling over these. I scrolled down your blog and you work is fantastic! I think I am already a follower! Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com


Happy Birthday (we're not LATE with our wishes - we just wanted to make it last a little longer!)

I'm with Penny! Hope this is the post for the Disney themed tapes :)

Kim J.

Okay, money making scheme: You and Kim should open an Etsy store selling party ensembles. And give me a cut cause it was my idea. Huh? Huh? ;)

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