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January 16, 2012


Heather V

Those pinwheels are seriously adorable! I'm loving the sneaks of this line!


Love the pinwheels! The whole line looks so yummy!

Penny B.

Love the pinwheels!

Karen Beldon

Darling new stuff...thanks for the chance to win!


OMGEEEEEEZ, love the pinwheels!!


Pinwheels look awesome!

Iska Wire

Wish it were summer already!

Melinda T

oh gorgeous! love it!

Colleen E

beautiful blog and thanks for the opp - EK's stuff is always amazing.


such a cute pinwheel.


Would love some of this line!

Denise van Deventer

This line looks really great...would love to have this!! Such Neapolitan colours! ;-)


Pick me!!! This line looks beautiful!

Deb Pereira

Adorable pinwheel

Jaime Evans

Would love to win this giveaway!! Great stuff that I would use to scrapbook my baby girl's upcoming 1st birthday!!

Erica Terhune

Hi those pinwheels are so cute! love the collection!

sally swenson

Oh my gosh this is BEAUTIFUL! you always have the best ideas!


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