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November 13, 2011



I really adore these suzy :) I think you're most inspirational. My favorite quote is by Mark Twain:

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

btw, I bought my copics online at oozak.com. they have every single color :)


Wow, these are just gorgeous, Suzy!


Oh, Suzy, I just love these!!! As a fellow doodler, I am inspired and challenged. And I love the quotes you've chosen! Thanks for sharing these! :D


Thank you so much Suzy! These are all truly amazing. I will print mine and display prominently in my craft room. Your kindness overwhelms me.

Kim Watson

Amazing...really amazing friend! I am inspired! Sell them as canvas prints on Etsy! Hopefully chat later? X

Linda L

Oh Suzy I would be beyond excited if you could make one for my Library.....(I'm a Teacher Librarian)....and I love this quote....

Read read read
The more you read
The more you know
The more you know
The more you grow
So read read read.



Suzy these are amazing! I agree with Kim that you should sell them on Etsy - they are truly works of art!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Laurie LaRiviere

on word Suzy...WOW!!!!


Those are just GORGEOUS. You are quite talented. Just pinned one of your quotes... :-)

Elizabeth Gardner

Beautiful work Suzy. I think it's great that you are taking some time to do this type of thing. It seems as if this would only help with the creative mojo and I am sure you will translate some to scrap layouts in the very near future. In the mean time we will all enjoy seeing the quote artwork as much as we usually enjoy seeing your layouts. As they say... "It's all good in the hood!"--don't doodle that one, it's just a silly saying from me to you. :) But my favorite color is blue...in case you do doodle it. ;) Man, your doodles sure are cool.


hehe, I felt so proud when I saw you drew one of the quotes I'd left!! :) Of course I would love to have the full size image! I'll email you shortly.
As for returning to scrapbooking- I'm sure the mojo will return when it's time, and then you won't be able to wait to get scrapping again!!! Until then, let your fingers do what they wish! :)


I like the Choose your friends.... I told my children how important that was and now I am telling my grandchildren. My oldest grandchild is 15 and a Sophomore in high school. This would be perfect for her room.

mary t

so sorry for your loss suzy!! color away!!
mary t

Beth M

Dear Suzy, I am a stalker of your blog....rarely commenting, but enjoying your creations and appreciating the inspiration...but I had to stop and comment today because your inspirational quote illustrations are just fabulous. FABULOUS! Do you accept orders for custom pieces? Would love to have you do one for my 9 year old daughter's room. She is a Type I Diabetic and sometimes struggles with the heavyness of her daily routine...I think something so bright and inspiring would be perfect for her!

Thanks, Beth
[email protected]

quotes for inspiration

very unique inspirational quotes i have seen so far, really inspiring, good job admin.

inspirational quotes

Great Inspirational Quotes

I love your creations. They are so colorful and cheerful. Very inspirational. Keep up the good work!

Heather Voakes

You have such a God given talent! Just amazing!

Robyn Love Steele :: Calligrapher

Suzy, I am a professional calligrapher who sells on Etsy. I ADORE these quotes. I think that you have an extreme talent for typography. I would love to chat with you about the process of selling these as DIY prints on Etsy. I really think that they would be something that all my fellow Christian Moms would love to have hanging all over their homes to remind them of the Word!!! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to getting to know you. God Bless!


I just have to say "wow" I love these !!!


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