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September 09, 2011


Lisa VanderVeen

You are spot on. I put a curse on you. I'll admit it! When ALL of my MMM LOs were lost in the train crash and yours weren't, I said "Double double toil and trouble, put Suzy's opener in a BUBBLE (and pop it)..." Ok, it's late (well, 6 PM is late for me) on a Friday and that's what I came up with... Anyway, I can't wait to see it ;).


Congrats Linda! I will be sure to buy this issue to see what I'm sure is a marvelous layout.


Oh hugs, that sounds quite painful but awesome that you pulled off a remake. Maybe you accidently misadressed the packages and your Dad got the LO and was too polite to question you about it? LOL

Congrats Linda!

Looking forward to seeing your LO sometime.

laura vegas

ok miss suzy! you mentioned to me last week that you had to re-do a layout. and a very detailed one. but i didn't know it was this crazy of a story. lol! you poor thing. i think if that would have happened to me (another not-crazy-about-halloween person), i would have just curled up in a ball in the corner, and rocked myself to sleep. lol! i can't wait to get my copy now, and i will fully appreciate it and show it to everyone i know ;)

Cindy S

OMStars!! That is just HORRID!! HORRID! I will be anxiously waiting for my copy of CK and will be sure to oogle your LO with due attention. You poor thing-I can't even begin to fathom. ((HUGS))


Always knew you were a cover girl, why do you sound so surprised!?! :o)


Congrats on the cover - it's fantastic!! I'm still waiting for my copy of CK to arrive, hoping for today. I can't believe you had to redo that layout - that's awful!!! Congrats on redoing it (without a complete nervous breakdown!), can't wait to see it.

Heidi Sonboul

WOOHOO the cover! That's so fun and exciting. I can't wait for this issue to come. I always love the halloween issues and I so remember this layout of yours from last year. Plus I spy GCD Studios :)

Great job girlie and fun story


i remember that layout! love the cover - congrats! :)


Oh my, Suzy, what a story!! Congrats on the cover, it looks fab! Can't wait to see the Halloween layout, I agree Halloween is a tough one, I don't like orange, black etc. so I don't do alot of Halloween layouts, just one each year to remember the kids costumes, and the funny thing is my oldest son will turn 14 on Halloween! Yes he made it just a few hours past midnight and was born on October 31. He doesn't like the Halloween theme parties anymore...lol...to old for that!


Hi Suzy, Congrats on your layout! It's no surprise they continue to pick you. You're super talented. Just let me tell you that I kept on waiting for the punch line...when you realized that you had mailed your dad the Halloweeen layout and the Olive Garden giftcard to the folks at CK!! but I guess not!! very funny either way....


Oh wow that must have been the best-worst week in the WORLD!!! That would be incredibly frustrating. I hate Halloween too. I love your layout though! Not halloween colors, but hey- FINE by me!!!

Kim Thomas

Wow, what a story! I can't wait to see my new CK. It will be the first LO that I look for. I always love your work and can't wait to see it. I guess you needed to stretch your creative muscles! lol Thanks for posting. :)


i love this story and i can't wait to see your page in ck!

Melinda T

I got it the other day! I saw that your lo made the cover! I love it! PS-I don't do spooky either!

Cindy deRosier

What a great story! Congrats on 2 successful LOs.


I LOVED that opener when I received the magazine. Still thinking about it, actually. :) You rock! I'm sorry you had to redo it, but I am glad you did. I know it will be one I turn to again and again!

Love the cover too! :)

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