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August 03, 2011


Cynthia B.

Great photos! Love the one of you guys in the surf.
No, you haven't gotten boring - definitely not your crafting! I read you in my google reader- does that count on your blog hits?
Thank for the update! Glad you're enjoying your summer. "See" you on your blog. :)

Heather V

Looks like you're having a great summer! I'm still a follower, and love it when you do post! Your pictures are great. I'd love to see what scrappy goodness you've been up to, too... you know, when it starts getting cooler and the kids are back in school :)

Paige Evans

You make summer look exactly how it should - fun and relaxing!

Elizabeth Gardner

I'm still here and I still find your blog quite entertaining (even if the posts are few and far between)! =) Maybe everyone is busy with Pinterest? =0


Well I HAVE been checking back and seeing if you have posted anything, bad Suzy! :P Looks like y'all have been having fun this summer.... I don't want my summer to end...


What a fun summer! We love going to T street bridge in San Clemente but may have to try out Balboa if you say it's better! Hope you keep enjoying the slower pace - I love summer and the laziness!!

Kim Watson

I will always be here..... cos I love you & reading about your happenings & funny moments, & anecdotes about 'life according to Suzy'. I absolutely LOVE the story about the man in the car park singing to you. I think the Lord is trying to tell you something darlin'!!! :o)
Sigh! I long for summer days on the beach. Time for a visit me thinks!
Mwaaah! x


Still here too Suzy! Your pictures are Fabulous! You are such a hoot.
Your posts always make me smile!
Having alot of summer fun here too in PA!

Sandra A

I keep checking, and am just happy when you have something new for me. Glad you're having a great summer.

Little Lisa

We're still here! A loyal blog reader until you stop blogging. :o)

Little Lisa


I'm still here, too. Funny,I have been collecting hippo's for years (figurines and stuffed animals) now I can go get some cookies, too. YUM.

Brittany B

Still here. Love seeing your posts! :)

Laurie Lariviere

I'm still here too, don't worry... :) love your pictures, looks like great fun!!

Victoria S. in OHio

Still here... just waitin on a woman- you! i will keep checking back. love your posts! ♥
i used to live in that area- brings back memories!

Cindy Fahrbach

Great photos and I love the story of the opera singing. Wonderful memories for you!

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