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My name is Suzy Plantamura. I live in sunny Orange County, California by the beach. I have three kids, one grand baby, and two dogs. I draw watercolor cards and design stamps for Simon Says Stamp. I have a blog series called "one stamp, five ways" that I post to two times a week. I want to motivate and inspire others to use their stamp sets more and learn new techniques. I love designing products and making cards to share with others!
Simon Says Stamp

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August 15, 2011



Wow, what a great giveaway! I would love to win a spot in Maggie's class! I already shoot in manual, and now I'd love to take my photography to a new level. I'm crossing my fingers....


Congratulations on the DT. Your work is truly amazing and inspiring!


I really love the layouts that you posted! Thanks for a chance to win a spot in Maggie's class.

kim smart

i love how you used the amy t. products! i ordered some myself and can't wait to try them. also, thanks for the chance to win a spot in maggie's class. i can't tell you how much i'd love to do this! it would be perfect for me right now as i'm thinking of how to actually incorporate my love of photography into income. thanks again!

Shelly E.

Suzy congratulations on making the DT!!! And about that spot in Maggie's class, I would love the opportunity to take her advanced class. BTW I love that photo she took @ Sophie's birthday party, the yellow makes everything pop!


hi Suzy! congrats on the AC gig :) VERY cool. i took Maggie's beginner/intermediate class a year and a half ago and would LOVE to be able to take her advanced class!! thanks so much for a chance to win :)


Wow! Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win a spot in such a fab class!

Emily K #7021

As a photographer, I would love to win this workshop. I love to learn and hone my skills. Thanks!


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