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July 15, 2011


Laurie LaRiviere

Love those pictures, I know, Pinterest is SO cool, love the stuff on there, that baby is the CUTEST!!! That kitchen...are you really going to do that? Love it! Where in the world would you find a pink fridge!? Want one :) glad you're having a nice summer, it's going by too fast for us.


I love ths look - the colors are also perfect for a Florida home like ours. (Hmm ... somthing to consider!). And yes, I know all about that Pinterest addiction ...


wow I would love to have this kitchen...

laura vegas

i cannot wait to come visit you next CHA, and see your awesome newly decorated house ;)
i dream big for my house too. so much i want to change. so many ideas. no money do to it, and no time, unfortunately. lol!

Kim J.

That's totally your house, Suzy! You NEED it. :)

Sandra Ludwig

The pastel color works perfectly in your house! It's so inviting! You did great with the color combination. And the window size is just right to let in enough sunlight to uplift the atmosphere of the room. =)

MaryAnn  N

If only, well I can dream too. I love these photos. Make me feel so cool in the summer.

(but my house will never look like that because my husband does not like floral or pastels)


i would love to redo my house. a girl can dream right :) random but how is your son doing on his mission?


That is my dream house too! hehehe (=

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