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June 26, 2011


Rachel Z

i love maggie and have always wanted to take one of her classes

Tessa Buys

Eeek! I'd love to win a spot! I am desperate to improve my photography skills and this would be perfect :). Thanks for the chance! That party looks like it was a ton of fun :).


OMG! I LOVE Maggie's photography!!! I would SOOOO love to take her class! Thank you so very much for the chance!!!!!

Deanna M

Oh yes, me, me, me! I'd looove to win a spot in one of Maggie's classes!

Amanda J

First off, those pics are GORGEOUS!!! I would love a chance to take one of Maggie's classes! I love her photography and this would be an amazing opportunity to learn for someone AMAZING at improving my own photo skills!! Thanks so much for the chance!!

Heather V

I could definitely use some help with my photography skills, and I know Maggie would be a great teacher! Thanks for the chance!

Kate aka stinkydudette

Such a cute group photo! I would love to win a spot in her class. I've heard nothing but good reviews for her classes. It's about time I learn how to use my camera for more than a point-and-shoot. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Mary Ann

I'm one of those with a cannon rebel that never gets taken off the auto settings, so I would really love to win a spot in Maggie's class! Her photos are always so beautiful and vibrant. Now if I could just scrapbook like her, I would be really happy ;)
Thanks to both of you for the chance to win!

Danni Perez

I love,love,love,maggies photography! I would be delighted to win any of her classes!
~ danni

Little Lisa

I would love to take a photography class. This is just the motivation I need to improve my picture taking skills. :o)


I need desparate help with my camera! I would to learn how to shoot in the manual modes to get some beautiful pictures like you always take.


I am going to Phuket in October with my husband and some friends, I really need to learn how to best use my Canon 7D!


Maggie is a genius!! Would love her class!!! Thanks for the chance! I love the pics you posted! So Fun!!!

Ashley Harris

Oh wow! What a great give-away! I need this class!! YAY!

Amy Jo

I would love to take one of her classes. I get frustrated every time I put the camera in 'm' mode!

Kristin Hayne

Good gravy do I need help with photography.... could I really be so lucky? :)

Laura Stewart

sounds fun!


I would LOVE to take a class from Maggie! I've always admired her photography. Thanks for the chance!


This would be a dream for me!! I have always wanted to take one of her classes but it has not been in my budget. Thanks for the chance!!

Rachel Wagner

I would LOVE to take Maggie's photography class and learn even just a fraction of what my camera can do! Thanks so much for this opportunity!


I love seeing Maggie's photos. I'm sure her class would teach me a lot.

Becky Williams

I LOVE her photography, too, and she did an amazing job with your pics. I'd jump at the chance to take her class!

Diana Waite

oh, my goodness! SERIOUSLY!! these pictures are AMAZING--I so would love to win a spot in her class--thank you for a chance to win! :)


I would LOVE a spot in Maggie's class. I'm a fan of her work! Thanks so much!!!


Adorable pictures....I would love to win a spot in Maggie's class!

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