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May 17, 2011


Heather V

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Suzy! I didn't find it boring at all. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Psychology last year, I've recently made the decision to go back for a second degree in Graphic Design so that I can (hopefully) work in the scrapbooking industry. You've inspired me to submit more pages... I hope one day I'll get published :) Have a great week!


thanks so much for sharing your story, I took entered the HOF contest several times and never got picked and then it stopped, I enter all my pages into the CK Club gallery and have been spotlighted on their blog a few times, but not published, it is dissapointing at times, but I will keep trying because if you and everyone else can do it, so can I! I am a stay at home mom now, but when my little guy goes to school I would love to be on a design team somewhere, I am going to keep trying for that...anyway thanks for sharing, gives me some hope to not give up!!

Laurie LAriviere

PS forgot to tell you I love the card!!

Lisa VanderVeen

LOL I totally remember that Master page. I did one too. I have to go find it now :). Best thing about winning Masters? Meeting YOU. XOXOXOXOXOXO

Keshet Shenkar

Love reading this. It can be so frustrating to try and find a place in the industry, and deal with rejection. But it's nice to know that we all start somewhere!

Elizabeth Gardner

Wow Suzy, it is such a great story. I love your determination and desire for balance. I also love that your hubby helped out in the beginning by posting layouts & sending them out (YEAH FOR HUSBANDS!) I hope you know how much I appreciate all of your time. I'm so thrilled to see this posted on your blog. You give people like me who are just beginning their careers so much hope. Thank you for such a thorough and inspiring response to my question. As always, you are THE BEST!

Jana Morton

I LOVED reading your story. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I always enjoy your blog posts and the card is darling!


This was fun to read and not boring at all. Good for you not giving up and finally getting what you wanted. I like that you keep it balanced so that your personal life isn't effected by it. My dream use to be on a dream team, would be great to turn this hobby into something more while I'm home all day and the kids at school. For now though it's great just to scrap what I want and when I want too. Thanks for letting us know about meeting Karen and being a guest this week. I love Karen and just took her 2 classes my first ones ever at BPS, she's so nice. Her classes taught me so much about me and my style. So happy everything worked out for you and I love reading your blog and seeing your pages. Have a great Friday.

mary t

I think thats a great story suzy!!1 its always nice to hear when people put their families first!! I try....
mary t


Loved reading this, Suzy. :) Maybe someday I'll have a story like this to tell... LOL

Stacy Cohen

I loved reading your story, Suzy! And after our get fun get together yesterday, now I know some of the other interesting details. :)

Victoria in Ohio

Loved reading it
I found you probably 8 years ago on Two Peas Gallery- i liked your layouts and bookmarked you.. I think i emailed you and you wrote back! then i started noticing your name in magazines and now i follow you faithfully. funny, huh?

Megan Hoeppner

Hey! I thought you looked like that girl from MAMBI. LOL ;)

Not a boring story at all. I'm always interested in reading how others got where they are. Perhaps I'll kife this idea and do my own story on my blog someday. Until then, thanks for the fun reads and inspiring work!


Thanks a bunch for sharing your 'story'! I'm impressed with you the most, for keeping your focus on your FAMILY. I LOVE everything you do... and your personality too! I always wonder about people that are in the limelight... if they really keep things in perspective. Good for you! I LOVE creating... but don't especially like... 'attention'. At the same time, I guess it frustrates me, 'cause I am 'really good', but no one even knows (except for my loyal students!) Anyway... a BIG hug and a big thanks for sharing!

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