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May 04, 2011



So glad that Hugh is stable and you are healthy, yes ticks are the worst, my dog is white like yours so it's easy to see them, but they freak me out too, and we live in the woods so always checking the dog and kids...love your layouts, beautiful as always!!


I have been praying for you and Hugh. You have such a blessing Suzy, and that is YOU. You have such an upbeat, positive, energetic air around you and it really shows in your blog, your family and of course your scrapbooking layouts. Had to laugh at your post today..You are f.u.n.n.y too! I am going to keep praying for good health for you and your family. Have a a great week. and hopefully b.u.g. FREE! HUGS!

lisa truesdell

these are awesome pages, suzy. and SO glad for stable news from the doc!


Funny story - my youngest son's Jeep broke down on the side of the road (He was working on the governor's campaign at the time) so my brother in law and I went to pick him up. We came back to meet up with my sister and mother at a barbeque restaurant to eat lunch. While we were there I notice a tick latched onto his arm. Of course, we had no tweezers or anything else to remove it with. My brother in law suggested we try to drowned it with the Tabasco sauce on the table. We completely coated the thing with several drops of Tabasco and soon enough it let go and started scrambling. We caught it with a napkin and disposed of it. Who knew Tabasco would work so well?

mary t

poor suzy !! :) but at least hugh is stable!! I can definately relate to the itch thing.. if anyone even mentions ticks, lice etc.. I start itching... everyone I know has bugphobia!!
mary t

Scrappin Shonie

I totally get your bugfobia!! I'm a California girl ie. rarely any bugs that moved North of Philly ie. bug capital. I hate hate hate ticks and have been bit twice. I check myself and the dogs about a hundred times a day. And I feel itchy constantly. Bugs are so overrated! On a better note, cute layouts!

Sandra A

You crack.me.up! Great story on 'da bugs. They can be maddening. So glad that HUGH is stable. With all that you have going on, it's nice that he isn't growing. Love your layouts, of course.

Tina Hicks

Suzy I am so happy that Hugh is stable! That is wonderful news! I know exactly what you mean about lice and ticks.. another phobia I have is mice and snakes lol! Well take care and as always you humor and layouts make me smile :)


Love the layouts and am so glad Hugh is stable! The bug story made me laugh - I can totally relate!! I hate bugs and just reading about yours made me start scratching new itches!!

erin s.

Haha! This reminds me... in my old house something must have died in the roof because out of the vents one night maggots started dropping. Hundreds of them! It was so awful, I would clean them up, my husband taped a plastic cup to catch them but they were everywhere. We had someone come out to clean the vents and they said there were none in there. After about a week of maggots dropping from the ceiling they finally stopped but it took me months before I could walk into that room without first looking up and then scanning for maggots. A year later the same thing happened again, it about sent me over the edge. This past fall we moved and in March I asked my husband if he wondered if the new tenants had our visitors back yet!


Maybe if I comment on your blog you'll write me back! Glad Hugh is layin' low.. lice are nasty and I hate ticks too! Miss you lots! xoxo

Little Lisa

I'm so glad to hear that Hugh is behaving and stable. Thanks for the info on ticks. I had no idea. :O)

Cindy Tobey

Stable sounds good. I'm still praying for Hugh's disappearing act. Oh, and just so you know, my head is itchy now!

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