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April 29, 2011


Amanda J

Wonderful LO's! You have had quite the eventful last few weeks!! Hope you hear good things about Hugh!

Lisa VanderVeen

Love you, love Hugh (except I want him to stay young and small forever, like Sophie ;).


Kim Watson

Wow! my sweets no wonder you have gone quiet. What a lot of stuff to have to deal with all together. I'll be praying for you. I'm with Lisa...Hugh should never grow up. Ever....ever....!
BTW I am so impressed about your new eating plan...but Miss SuzyQ 'no candy!' that's like saying 'Tweety bird with no feathers'. Well done friend! Luv u xxx

mary t

I love your perspective suzy!! lovely layouts...
mary t

Cynthia B.

Glad to hear that you're maintaining your positive outlook despite these challenges. As always, your layouts brighten my day. Thanks so much for sharing!


Wow, when it rains, it pours!! Hope you get some good news for You and your family soon!! In the meantime, keep scrappin! Love these layouts!! Such great style, and love your selection of papers/embellies together!! Would love a scrap 'session' with you to follow you through your thought process when creating!


I'm so sorry about all the trying stuff that has been going on but you have the right perspective and God will get you through it all. Let's do breakfast soon. Veggie omelets!


Good gracious!! Where to begin?
Your pops looks absolutely precious.
Hope your bro has your pops recovery record.
Lice... ee yaaah
Hope Hugh is behaving.
Vacations to Utah are sublime... Bear Lake
Good luck on the diet, although you don't really look like you need it.
My prayers to our friends, seriously what could be worse than losing a child? My heart is breaking for them.
Let the countdown to Thane's return begin. What an honor to do His work.


Dumb sausage fingers! It was suppose to be your friends! Forgot to mention... Yay! California gets to keep you! Whew.

Krista Nash

Suzy, I am sorry to hear about all the "real life" you are having to deal with right now. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. Thank you for being so honest. While I follow you for the creative inspiration, I feel honored that you can share such deep parts with me -- as if you write your blog specifically for me and only me. :) Your layouts are beautiful by the way.

Laurie LaRiviere

Suzy, I feel a little dumb, thought Hugh was your husband...I hope everything turns out okay with Hugh and your family members, I'll keep them in my thoughts, how sad about your friends from church, can't imagine what they are going through. Lice are no fun, we've had that experience, so hard to get rid of. Love your layouts, as always they are beautiful!! Hugs from the south...


Sounds like life is pretty crazy, but I hope everything works out and calms down soon:)


Love the layouts and how strong are you :) I hope all go well. Hugs from a spanish reader :)


My heart goes out to you, Suzy - that's a lot to deal with, but you have such a great attitude! Wish I knew you in "real life" - I'd give you a huge hug! Tell stupid Hugh to get lost - he doesn't deserve you! :)


Hello Suzy.
I'm a Danish girl who loves to visit your fantastic blog.
This time I had to leave a comment with a large hug attached, just in case you need one, I i believe you do ;)
Take care :)


Dear Suzy, you are so talented in many ways... i love visiting your blog...my heart goes out to you and your family...the Lord will get you through the next two years and beyond...you are a young beutiful talented woman, mom, wife and friend...


Suzy, I finally come back to your blog and hear all the bad news for you and your family. I'm so sorry your going thru all these stressful situations at one time. Please know that your whole family will be in prayers and blessings. I wish you were closer so I could run over and give you a big squeeze hug. So glad you are choosing to make the most of a tough time and keeping your spirits up and being postive. You are amazing and so inspiring. The thing that surprises me is all these beautiful layouts, each and every single one is more beautiful and shows the real love and happiness in your family. That's so wonderful that you can use this hobby to produce and show the happy times and not dwell on the bad ones. I love reading your blog and seeing your l/o and you have to come see my blog, I love to get comments too and so do my kids. Sending you prayers, hugs, smiles, good wishes for you.

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