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March 28, 2011


kathleen p.

Such amazing work, Suzy! It makes me wish you were a permanent DT member!!!!!!! I fell in love with just the sneaks of My Girl and bought that add on, thanks to you ; ) I could look at your layouts ALL day! Actually, that's about all I HAVE done today, lol!!!! Thanks for such inspiration!!!

Jennifer O.

I love them all but am especially drawn to the My Girl and Tutu Bowling. Such gorgeous layouts!

Kathy Morgan

As usual Suzy your layouts are AMAZING! I have always been a fan of your work! Having a return missionary, and one preparing to go, I would have to say that "My Advice to You" is my favorite...tho the Tutu bowling would probably come in a close second! =)

Holly H.

I love TuTu bowling, but the one about your son leaving on a mission is so sweet too! I love what you did with the kits, just perfection!

Lexi Bridges

Unbelievably awesome! You really did a FABULOUS job with the kit! I *think* my fav, although I like them all!, is the Tutu Bowling! Such great pics and design..and having 2 boys I rarely get to use tutus, pink or purple ;D

Hollie S.

I think the "Painted by God's Hand" has to be my favorite. It's perfect. Beautiful photo, all the delicate stitching...how could you NOT love that one? :) You were such an awesome GDT, and I hope we see you around the boards more often! Come back and visit!! :)


I love the TuTu layout!!! Just so sweet and I rarely get to use pink!!

I love all of your layouts though!!

With love to you and your family,

Karen Borges

Jamie Long

these are all amazing! I really want to go tutu bowling, is that ok for a 34 y/o?lol, The first layout is my fave, I new I had to have that add on with mr chip after that.

Erin B

love your stuff, so bright and happy! My fave is a tie between My Girl and Tutu Bowling. I think I'm just a sucker for a girl in a tutu or a twirly dress. So sweet of you to share your goodies!


Not only is it completely awesome that you shared your creative process with all of us :) :), but you are doubly awesome for giving all of us a chance at your giveaway! Thank you!! And I *heart* all of your LO's, but I just really love the bright happy feel of both My Girl and Tutu Bowling :)...although I think Tutu Bowling might win out for pure sass factor! :) LOVE all of the details and colors...and the photos absolutely ROCK! :) Thank you again for such great inspiration and for allowing us into your creative process in making these LO's! :)


so awesome, the tutu bowling is my favorite, but I love them all. Thanks so much for being a gdt for SC this month, your layouts are extraordinary!

Jennifer Alfonso

I can't just pick one!!! I love them all :) If I had to pick just one, then I would pick "tutu bowling". Love the picture and all the amazing details. I love everything you did with the SC kit! Thanks for a chance to win!!!


Wow - I love so many of your payouts, but I do think that God's Hand is my favorite - I love the use of black carstock! It really does make the photo stand out! Thank you so much for all you have done as a guest DT member. You have been wonderful!!!


you completely rocked this month's kit! each one of your pages are just so cheerful. love that! i think i would have to say that "My Girl" with that lovely banner is my favorite. awesome. now i need those MR banners!

Darla Mock-Podliski

I love they My Advice to you layout. I love the colors and the design of the layout. You are amazing at what you do. You're very inspiring Suzy.

Lena K

Suzy, these are all amazing! I can barely pick a fave so I'll say "My Girl" and "My Advice to You" ...is that cheating?? hehe

Beth Ann

I love all of them and it's so neat to read about how you put them together! If I MUST pick a favorite, I think it is Tutu Bowling....all the details are so fun!

christy a

They are all amazing. I think my favorites are the tutu bowling and My girl. They are all stunning!!

kimberly b

I'm so in awe of all of your layouts, but painted by God's hand is my favorite. The bright colors on the black and the stitching are just gorgeous.


I love them all but the colors on the Hanging out at the beach are so soft and lovely. I missed all the kits. :( It's not like I NEED anymore supplies, but there are some really fab things in each kit! Great job!!

amy tangerine

Tutu bowling looks ridiculously fun. loving all your layouts and would love your leftovers. haha


I love all of the details you have in your layouts...Your style is just beautiful!!I have to say the photos in My Tutu loved and the colors and design of My Girl were my favorite!! Thank you for sharing....Happy Spring!

Erin M

I'm having a hard time deciding--favorite is probably Tutu bowling, I just adore the colors & all the fun details. Painted by God's hand would be a close 2nd--so striking on the black background. Thanks so much for the great inspiration!

Kirsty Riach

I love my heart belongs to you-you dog is so like our dogs but a White version! Loving your work,come back again soon!


suzy you're joking right? they are SO AMAZING! you're so versatile and so awesome! i must say my favorite has to be all that amazing hand stitching though!

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