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March 23, 2011



OMG! I have absolutely LOVED all your sneaks!! Someday, when I can afford it, I will TOTALLY be getting each and every one of Studio Calico's kits!!


OMG Suzy you are killing me here ;0) I cant wait to see these layouts the sneaks are divine !!


ohhhh the pole goes on TOP of the flag! no wonder mine looks all wackadoodle. haha. love it, suzy! i can already tell you rocked this kit :)

Jessica R.


Diane Payne

I am loving your sneaks! Can't wait to see your full gallery!

emily pitts

this is gorgeous! i will be thinking of you in three weeks, you're a good momma, it's got to be hard to let him go. i'm not looking forward to being in your shoes. i have 6 years. it will go by fast. i know. hugs. argentina's a safe mission from what i hear ;)

lisa truesdell

this is perfect.


Gorgeous!! I'm down to just over a year til my oldest is 19 - I'm feeling those anxious momma feelings already!


LOVE the sneak, can't wait to see the whole thing...I know I tell you this all the time, but you are amazing!! and the stitching in the other one??? How did you do that so perfectly???

Kim Watson

I am sorry this time is so hard for you.... good thing you'll have skype to stay in touch with him, sweet boy! Now be honest what number page is this??? It has to be a SC record for the most pages using one kit. Love the yellow & black BTW...very cool!


denise morgan

Suzy I just came back from your gallery at SC. I just wanted to say, I've been a subber since nearly the beginning. Although I have liked layouts from previous guest designers I have never been in love with more than 1 maybe 2 layouts. Sometimes none :( Remember I'm talkin just guest designers, but there's been lots and big names too lol. But OMG I'm blown away with your pages. Seriously I'm lifting all of them sister ;)
You really rocked it!!!

Jessica R.

These are all gorgeous. Lots of faves this month but My Girl (first one listed) is absolutely amazing!!!!!!! I'm so glad you got to be the guest this month at SC loved seeing your work!

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