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February 08, 2011


Judith PInon-Menendez

You can tell that you had a great time. Keep the post coming.

cindy tobey

Glad you had so much fun! Great photos - TFS!

laura vegas

you got some great photos suzy! i need to steal ... um, i mean borrow ... a few of them from you ;)

kelly purkey

i love seeing you, suzy!!! you make me laugh so hard.
now come to nyc.

Taylor Landy

Hee hee!

Kim Watson

Hey sweets...so many cute woman in this post...mini or otherwise :o) It was a fun time @ CHA wasn't it!! I had the best time hanging with you too... your home is home away from home. Thank you a gazillion times over XX
PS: Should I be nervous of the next couple of posts hehe!


Hi Suzy, so nice to see your fun photos from the trip. Love all the cute babies you saw, how tiny and precious they are. Hope your feeling better and look forward to seeing more photos and fun stuff here. Happy Wednesday!!

sasha farina

you're really tall!! LOL.. i'm barely 5"!


LOL - I just realized that I posted from my daughter's computer... so that cute little giggle comment - it was actually I who made that!

Stacy Cohen

What great pics, Suzy! I had a ball hanging out with you. You're such a hoot! And yes, I did enjoy the leftover sweets you left in my car. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!


lol how i love your crazy self! bless you for not posting anything too embarrassing :)

Suzanne Sergi

I am so glad to have run into you at CHA! It looks like you had a fabulous time!

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