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February 23, 2011



I loved reading this Suzy. How awesome for you to spend those days with Kim. I've always admired her work. How fun to show someone all the new things to them that we enjoy everyday. My favorite was that you had her go to school and talk to the kids, I know my kids love it when other people come in to talk to them. They always have lots of questions and are so curious. So I'm only from Ohio and have been to California once and would love to come and see the beautiful sights again. I'll let you be my tour guide, how does that sound, lol. Thanks for sharing this with us.


What a sweet story Suzy! I also admire Kim's artwork and it's so great that you got to meet her. I have a penpal that lives in South Africa, I started writing her when I was 15, that's 25 years ago, we now just chat on Facebook, but I would love to meet her someday. Love the toilet paper and graham crackers story...guess we should appreciate the little comforts we have each day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Sounds like you two had a great time and now a friendship for life.

Mary Ann

I read Kim's blog all the time, so this was fun to read about her:) I do have one silly question though Suzy...I'm not sure I understand the whole toilet paper thing?? Do they just not have soft TP or what??
Love Kim's work (oh and always your's too!)
Thanks for sharing your stories.

Keshet Shenkar

What a fun post!

Lisa VanderVeen

This post is AWESOME. OMG I think they really did cut that poor doggy's ears off!!!

Kim Watson

Hey friend...did you have to tell them I ate wheaties instead of your delicious chicken??? Now everyone thinks we in SA don't have cereal along with toilet paper, Graham crackers & Bagels hahahahaha! Fun post, makes me miss you & your sweet family all the more. I hope I will get to steal Chloe's bed again real soon. Loves & hugs XXX

cindy tobey

Sounds like an AMAZING time! TFS! :)

Linda Barber

OK. I'm jealous of your Kim/Suzy time. And you got her to do a show and tell? And talk about sharks? Lucky you! ;) Loved the post and the photos. And I'm still giggling over the "couple" thing.

lisa truesdell

ok, why is your blog not in my googlereader? i lovelovelove reading your posts. fixing that now. =)

susan weinroth

oh WOW!!! i looooove this post! the stories are HILARIOUS :)

laura vegas

i read this, when you first posted, but am just now coming back to comment. lol! i'm so glad you two had a great time together, and you're the perfect one to show her such a fun time in the states. i knew you'd have lots of hilarious stories to tell, and you did not disappoint. btw, i LOVE the long hair on you :)

Mary Jo

This is such a cool story! Kim comes across as so down to earth and friendly through her work. So not surprised :)
And so nice of you to share!!

Larissa Dobbin

It's unusual for a girl to not like the mall. Well, it seemed like you still enjoyed every part of your experience at the mall. This one's a cute story! You should do it again next time. ^^,

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