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December 18, 2010



Suzy, I had to laugh at your elves, they are adorable and scary all at the same time! Hope you get into the Christmas spirit soon, nothing wrong with eating a little cookie dough...I keep doing it and telling myself it's back on the diet the day after Christmas...hope you and your family have a nice holiday, can't believe it's a week from today!!

Lisa VanderVeen

I LOVE those new elves!!!!!!! OMG I need some just like them ;). I support you in your bah humbugness, wholeheartedly. Best part of my holiday season so far was my day running errands with YOU! XOXO


Suzy, I love the faces on those elves!!! They are very unique. And I love your whole collection! I am sure on Christmas morning your bah humbug attitude will fade. You have had a lot going on and it sounds like you have been spread many directions. I get disappointed every year because we decided to raise our kids Jewish (my husband's faith). Now that the kids are a little older and understand the difference between the religions, we actually get a tree. But everyone forgets this is my holiday, so I have no one to share any Christmas fun with in my house. I miss what I had growing up. Merry Christmas!!


Uh, I think Sam is just upset that you gave her a boy's name and yet, she's a girl elf! :-P


Forget doing all the things you're "supposed" to do and do what you want!! That will get rid of the bah humbugness! Naps work wonders too! Merry Christmas!!


So if I happen to think the faces on your latest additions are kind of sweet does that put me in the twisted column? Maybe the kids at school are right, there is something wrong with me... Merry Christmas!

I'll be back to cheer you up after I cheer up myself.

Heather V

Your new elves are so cute, but I especially love the ones you drew on your Elf Obsession layout! You're very talented! I've been in a bah humbug mood the last couple days, too, and haven't felt like doing too much Christmas-y stuff. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

mary t

good luck with getting out of the funk.... its just now... (19th) that I feel anything ... have no tree, no decorations or gifts.. ack!! better get going..
lottsa luck!!
mary t


well, you don't sound down in the dumps.....you are still as funny as ever!! maybe we can squeeze in some lights before the big day! Hope your dad and bro are doing okay!! chat soon!


Hi Suzy,

I too am always out of sorts this time of year, it gets worse every year. This year is a little better. I love these elfs, and loved your drawing on them, even tore it out saved it. Hopefully on Christmas morning when the kids are so excited and loving everything you will see that it's all worth it. That's what I'm counting on and only do what makes you happy this season and let the rest go.

Mary Ann

WOW, not only can you rock a layout, you can draw too??
Love your little elvin friends...especially Sam.
I hope you days are more cheery. Having these 2 new little friends are sure to help ;)

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