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December 01, 2010



Hi Suzy,

Thank you so much for all your ramblings, I like them as much as the layouts you do. Sorry to hear about your dad and brother. It is a hard time for anyone and will keep them in my prayers. I was laughing at your first paragraph and getting old. I just turned 41 and I swear my eyes got worse overnight and I can barely stay up till 10:00 anymore, that's so sad isn't it. My kids are always happy to report when they see a new gray hair since I can't see them, lol! Thank you for adding a layout. So pretty it is with ribbon flowers, did you make them or did they come that way? My sister would love those on her layouts. Thank you Suzy for inspiring us and making us laugh. Have a good day.


Suzy, I might not comment much but I look at your blog every day (for updates!!) and when you don't post I hope you are doing well. I love your positive outlook on life and wish I had more of that in me. I am exactly your age I believe and I am right there with you girlfriend. I have worn contacts or glasses since the 6th grade and now my eyesight is improving which is just as bad as it going south. I have to take my glasses off to read or my contacts are too strong...go figure! What I have been thinking about lately is how old I will be when my daughter graduates college...63? I don't want to be paying back college loans at that age!! I hope your family's health improves and I second what the previous blogger said...thanks for inspiring us and making us laugh!!

Laurie LaRiviere

Suzy, I visit your blog every few days and always read everything you have to say. I hope your brother's surgery is a success and both he and your dad recover, so hard when loved ones are sick. Love all your pages and card you post, you are quite the inspiration, can't wait to get January CK, saw it in the store today, it should be in my mailbox soon. Happy December!!


OH, I sure hope your brother's surgery goes well!
I want Santa to bring me a camera too! I have a point and shoot, it's good but I want something better. I'm thinking the Rebel T2i, it's VERY similar to the 7D but I just can't see my Santa spending that kind of $$. I will be new to the whole DSLR thing.....ANYWAY, it's a GREAT camera they have video and ratings on B&H photography.
VERY cute layout!! :)

cindy tobey

Very insightful ramblings Miss Suzy! TFS! Your dad and brother are in my prayers. ((hugs))

Keshet Shenkar

I'll have to look out for that article--which topic is it?

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