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December 31, 2010


Kristi Smith

Congrats, proud mama! I can only imagine what it feels like to be proud but scared to send your son off for that long. Great layout! Hope you all had a great Christmas! Love the pic of the sunset! Happy New Year!!!


Wow! Awesome layout for what sounds like an awesome kid! I'm impressed that you did it so quickly! I can't even imagine what you will go thru, but God will give you all the strength! Happy New Year!


Suzy!! How exciting. It's amazing how quickly the time goes. My little man has got 12 more years before we're dealing with mission calls but I'm already freaking out a bit. Congrats on having a great kid!


Congratulations! ! This is SO exciting!! My hubby went to Argentina (Mendoza ) he ate a lot of meat. I LOVE that you have a layout done of him opening his call--would've been awesome if I would've had one of me when I opened mine! ( I went to the Venezuela Valencia mission...) know I'll be cheering for you! Looking forward to your creations....


Congrats to Thane, how exciting for him!! It will be a life changing experience for him I'm sure. It is so hard to let go, I have a teen who it seems just like yesterday he was a baby, and my daughter will be 11 in a few weeks, how fast the time flies...love your layout, great colors.


Congratulations to your son, how proud you must be of him. You will be amazed at the man he will become after these two years. Sending you prayers, strenght, hugs to get thru the tough time. Your layout is amazing, love love the colors you used. I'm sure you know about Lisa Bearson's son being on his mission trip this year, she has so many ideas thru the whole year to keep herself busy doing neat things for him, you should check them out. I'm sure your daughters would like to help out on this too.


Terrific layout! Congrats to your son and I will pray for strength for you! My oldest went away to college this year and being without him for 11 weeks almost landed me in the psych ward at Mission! The time does go by fast and the missing gets less intense but the new "normal" never feels quite right to me. Good Luck!!


What an exciting time :) Eventhough he will be far, he will have so many life changing experiences that will help him to grow personally and grow closer to the Lord. Plus Jason is excited he can communicate with him in spanish. And you can call me on sad days and talk my ear off. We love your family and Thane so much. Congratulations.

Mary Ann

How exciting!! Can you even imagine the wonderful stories Thane will have when he returns home. This will be such a life changing experience not just for him but for you too. Take the time to enjoy and savor these next few months.

lizzy kartchner

what a darling boy!!! congrats!

cindy tobey

God will give you the strength proud mama! ((hugs))

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