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October 29, 2010


Heather V

Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see the videos, I promise I won't laugh :) I'm sure they're full of your usual inspiration!


Wow, Suzy, sounds like a crazy night at the hotel, doesn't it figure as a mom we get no time to ourselves, and here you were with time to chill out and something nutty happens! Love your layouts and can't wait to watch the videos, I am sure you were great. Love the comment to Collin, he probably will tease you!

Sandra A

Love your layouts! Glad you were able to get away and enjoy at least most of your time away. I'd be the same way after watching my shows (Criminal Minds, CSI). I always tell my husband I will either leave or get DNA. Oh dear...

Keshet Shenkar

That is the funniest story! These layouts look gorgeous, and I'm sure the videos will be entertaining! Hee!

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