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September 30, 2010



A living Halloween decoration! Haha


Name? I don't know. I could ask around, because I know many of her relatives. They are hanging out around my house... all about face level. I've had the pleasure of many face-to-cephalothorax encounters. Good thing spiders don't bother me. Obviously, you don't mind the creepy crawlies, either. Charlotte, Aragog, Anansi, Shelob? All been used. Maybe Fluffy or Kitty?


I love the comments before mine and I have some of her relatives here too and sorry we get a shoe and smash them as soon as we see one, even my poor husband doesnt' like spiders. It is a lovely picture though and I would choose Charlotte for yours.

Mary Ann

So glad to see your Halloween decor is already up ;)

Heather V

Peter. As in Peter Parker :)


I vote for Malificent, Twilight, Cruella deVille, or Ursula. I personally name every plain old regular looking spider Charlotte, but with all that red, this one needs a more special name.


How about - Gross! I hate spiders! I suffer from arachnophobia so bad this picture makes me shiver. Good for getting in the spirit of Halloween though.

Kristin Hayne

Nice! I think you should call her Legs!


I thought of another good one... Elvira! :)




My mum insists that I add Firecracker...

*please note Firecreacker is her contribution and not mine, I repeat, not mine.

Amanda Fuentes

Oh my! I have a picture of her sister taken at my house last week! West Texas is full of spiders. But better than the cockroaches in South Texas! :)

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